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949 Bro_splosion (2017-07-23)

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0:00:00ACC: “And with that I think we should do some elephant sex.” (1:45:24)
0:00:33Rogue Twitter algos still blocking ACC, workaround, “community standards” default explanation; Patreon kills activist Lauren Southern’s account “likely to cause loss of life”, “our creators” bullcrap; potential PayPal “the word came down” scenario
0:06:51Lauren Southern and Project Defend Europe opposed to Soros-backed NGO “rescue” boats off Libyan coast, “we do not want to become Africa”, “we will try to sink all the abandoned migrant traffic ships”, Pierre Omedyar “agent of the globalist state”,; Mastodon “alt-right KKK Nazi quadroons” and infrastructure attack; no Bitcoin donations, JCD on futility of activism; Stephen Hawking on rainstick effectiveness
0:19:06Bogus North Korean Hawaii nuke threat, “sheltering in place for up to two weeks”
0:25:31Seattle considering $250k “wealth tax”, JCD on giant Amazon boxes, Steve Jobs’ $1 salary; Lamborghini in ACC’s parking lot with 0.01PCT vanity plate, JCD: “somebody should T-bone that guy”; JCD on Larry Ellison’s Nissan GT-R
0:34:57Erik Prince’s Frontier Services Group in Somalia, “String of Pearls” South China Sea project; economic hit man: Trump “ceding” Africa to China, no danger from refugees in US
0:44:59Obnoxious anti-Trump Netflix The Standups; Jimmy Kimmel botches “halfway through his presidency” at six months, Jeff Sessions Liewitness News: “ain’t he from Russia?”, cognitive revolution dimensional breakdown, Sessions “you win”; NPR’s Juliette Kayyem: “our president … is enabling our enemy” for 2020 election, “right?”
0:59:11Producer Segment: Duck and Cover jingle; Baby Driver and millennial dimensions
1:18:38Producer Agent Orange notes playing of EU Anthem Ode to Joy at German military ceremony; Italian €17bn bank bailout and guidelines from EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs; protests over Polish ruling party trying to take over judicial branch; “I can’t believe” air conditioner feedback, JCD #blocked without blocking, ACC: “go to the Reddit!”
1:27:05Hallie Jackson’s crush on Anthony Scaramucci, “mooch smooch” air kiss, ACC: “Mr. Performative”; CBS on Trump “tweetstorm”, tweet shower vs tweet toot, ABC: Spicer “blindsided”
1:38:54ACC Google Fiber Store report, disappearing apartment building, “bad boy” wall dongle
1:45:24PBS elephant semen extraction with rectal electrical “bullet”, “large homemade condom”, “very narrow fertility window” and urine sniffing, “his penis can thrust independently”, JCD: “she pees on him, and then he says, oh God I gotta fuck her now!” (CotD)
1:54:48Donation Segment
2:07:15ACC’s electronic “treasures” up for sale on
2:11:00Sarah Lacy “bro culture” keynote, “we are in the middle of a bro-splosion in Silicon Valley”, sexual harassment “walkback apologies”, “horrified by the amount of rights this administration wants to take away from us”; altercations with Zuckerberg and Über exec Emil Michael; ACC’s sexist door-opening twirl, JCD: “the other one is to let them their own damn door”
2:28:03Diamond & Silk “bowl of stupid” for Rosie O’Donnell, ACC: “these women are pros!”, anti-Obama games banned from the app store in 2008; Joshua Green to Terry Gross on Bannon’s fact-based election strategy, Tom Cruise movie Mena, Green on Mena “conspiracy theory”
2:37:51GOP operative Peter W. Smith and Haitian official Klaus Eberwein “suicides” latest in Clinton body count, “no foul play” suicide note and helium; Bennington & Cornell suicides by hanging
2:45:12UK to restrict online knife sales; record numbers of guns discovered by TSA, .40 caliber
2:48:56O. J. Simpson “the juice is loose” news meme; CBS drops details from math olympiad story