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948 Chow Hound (2017-07-20)

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0:00:00ACC: “They even posted about it on Facebook — people put their poop on Facebook!” (0:03:58)
0:00:34Woman shoots boyfriend on request over reptilian “Sherry Shriner” cult leader mind control
0:05:13Twitter algos cut off ACC’s bat signal, “undefined is not an object evaluating e.code”, “Curry, you’re a bot!”; Google Nest goes haywire over vacation and turns AC into block of ice; new EU roaming agreement with universal SIM card; selfie sticks banned in Milan; well-received evergreen show, JCD’s trip to Hollywood, E! News “did you mention my name”
0:16:14ACC on European 15kg limit on luggage weight, KLM Gold/Ivory confusion, Chipotle credit card fraud from lunch with CVC, JCD story: passport and American Express card stolen by “Gypsy pickpockets in Madrid”; Michel’s friend Carol: “Adam, are you a Trump supportah, then?”, at Le Club 55 “Cinquate Cinq” St. Tropez with “fixer” Steven Saltzman, grand venue for upcoming Leonardo DiCaprio benefit, ACC whips out Trump “gold card”
0:31:23Joy Reid “fact checks” Clinton uranium story with “”, “entirely made up conspiracy theory”; ACC’s near-fight with drunk Dutch woman; ACC “randomly selected” in spite of Trusted Traveler, kiosks for all at JFK, no customs check; biometrics rollout at Dulles, “we’re in a world where perhaps privacy is less of a concern than violent extremism”
0:43:56Mac & cheese and industrial plasticizer benzyl butyl phthalate, study on link to “alterations of amygdala function”, PDF redacted brand names and Kraft hit job, defense by Slate; eczema
0:54:16Bogus Noodle Girl video; man on the street interview: opinion of socialism vs definition of socialism, “more of an open form of government”; McDonald’s kiosks in Europe; ideas for reusing closed shopping malls, Disney “fake streets” with housing
1:06:56Producer Segment: Art Generator apprentice; ACC ditching Airstream of Consciousness
1:39:03Family Guy “podcast time” revisited, Peter’s “up to the knuckle” gay microaggression
1:41:00UC Berkeley students arrested on felony vandalism charges for “kill ppl” graffiti; Michel & Carol freaked out over Brexit, “run out the clock”, Italy threatening to give 200k visas to migrants; Poppy Harlow misidentifies Star Spangled Banner as French anthem; Catelyn Jenner takes a shot at feminizing her voice; John Oliver’s boring appearance on Stephen Colbert; Bill Nye Saves The World “Sexual Spectrum” episode nominated for Emmy
1:53:59Theresa May claims UK is “leader in automated vehicles”; fast-talking May pressured to release Saudi Arabia human rights report; NHS “number one health system in the world”
1:59:27Mike Enzi on Medicaid bankrupting hospitals, “worst clinical outcomes”, “woodwork effect”; Purdue Pharma to settle Oxy class-action suit to the tune of $20M; ten-year-old boy dies of fentanyl overdose; neurodiversity vs the war on free speech, nutty Isaac Newton vs Harvard speech codes, JCD: Antifa really Protifa; Farm News cartoonist fired for Monsanto cartoon
2:15:54Donation Segment: ACC’s Google Fiber signup woes; “pew pew” in French
2:33:33Dimension B Donald Trump Jr. furor, Louise Mensch predicts Steve Bannon’s execution, Kurt Eichenwald: “we were subject to an act of war” from Russia “to drive a web”, “we are in a war”, Fox “aiding and abetting the enemy”, phony Trump-hating “conservative blogger” Jennifer Rubin, JCD: “they’re trying to sell gas!”; Nancy Pelosi on Trump impeachment: “there is evidence, clear evidence, that we need to know more”, “the family” meme
2:45:22JCD’s trip to Paramount Studios, guest Wi-Fi password “downsizing”, The Blacklist discussion, interest in podcasting; E! News incremental live to tape, “burn”, smokin’ hot Catt Sadler, “chow hound” Victoria RecaƱo, five-season $50M for show creator; axle-breaking chuckhole, US 23rd in terms of infrastructure; for Sunday: Sarah Lacy and Diamond & Silk