Call Clooney!

947 Mix Tape (2017-07-16)

Show 947 album art
0:00:32ACC headed to Saint Tropez; “I could to two three-hour shows easily”, end-of-show clips, early 2015 Obama “no no no” and Porky Pig; No Agenda Player annotations; “In the Mix”
0:07:37Gitmo Nation National Anthem, Techno Experts, Douchebag of the Year, John Galt Seal of Atlas, Call Clooney, No Agenda in the Morning, No Agenda for America, new shit has come to light, A Drone Again, Naturally, “don’t eat me, Hillary Clinton”, Livin’ the Mac & Cheese Life, Trade Your Liberty for Some Safety, George Clooney is a spy, someone’s getting cornholed
0:13:40Ain’t No Rest for the Triggered, resist we much, Let’s Get Social, Caliphate in Iraq, pigs in human clothing, we are here #America, ISIS ISIS baby, The Matt & Marie Show, Obama “and that’s the story”, Feinstein “and her head is gone”, Ricola Ebola!, Obama “that’s how we roll”, Obama Porky Pig, Ebola’s Gonna Kill Us All, ISIS in America, “hug and share a secret”, “climate change is real!”, “bomb them” Colonel Bogey March, “Amen, fist bump”, Fletcher “fat lady!”, Dawlat Al-Islam Qamat mash-up, metal “bomb them”, babies in cows
0:22:47Hillary’s four things to know, Al-Shebab, man overboard!, Thus Spoke ze Über Driver, Google NA, “you slaves” mac & cheese, douchebag check, I Love Bugs, we’re all gonna die, beaches
0:24:41Obama “no no no”: Manamana, Na Na Na“, mariachi, Chicken Dance, U Can’t Touch This, Nobody But Me, Beaky Buzzard, ”calm down“ Wilhelm scream, JCD ”yeah yeah“ guy, Obama original, Yakety Sax, Dawlat Al-Islam Qamat ”donate to No Agenda“, Obama Amazing Grace
0:32:15JCD “Give it up for Raven!”, WTC 7, rule followers, “no no no” La Cucaracha, Manamana, operatic “yeah no”, autotune “yeah”, great wall of Trump, My Vagina, “rubble on the double!”, And Now It’s Time for 3x3, Climate Change, “oh Elon!”, Protect Their Freedoms
0:39:04Can you see that juice, caliphate Brady Bunch, Bernie Sanders Get Some Jobs, Bing Bing, Bong Bong, Magical Shape-Shifting Jews, “no no no” Sweat, “here is The Hoff”, North Korean Louie Louie, Suckin’ in Soot (x2), Got to Talk About That, techno Aaants!, “no no no” Addams Family, Sharpton Ass Baby, Sanders Whoa Whoa Whoa, Obama Get Off of My Cloud
0:51:01Hillary/Bernie Whoa!, Beat Donald Trump, I’ve Got Ants, ACC eats bugs, We’ll Have to Take You Out, “happy” jingle, Waiting for No Agenda Day, Resist We Much, Bill Nye jingle, Expand Student Debt, metal Science!, Whoopie Wisdom, Classified!, We Came We Saw He Died, Vote for Me Because I’m a Woman
1:07:07Donation Segment: JCD “I have to say, this is better than I thought”
1:10:54Okeydoke, Zika Zika Zika Zika, If If If If x3, JCD Put a Broom in Their Butt, That’s My Chino Nigga!, “no service for you!”, O-o-o-o-okeydoke, Bernie Sanders ‘Scuse Me!, NdG Tyson bitch, Deepak Chopra Shadow, Michelle Obama Be Better!, IYSSSS crowd, NdG Tyson Killer Asteroid, Farage Brexit, Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Conspiracy Theories, Trump Thirty-Three
1:25:34Hillary Positive Gangs, Never Been Satisfied, Really Good Toast, Democrat Woo Hoo, Bunghole (Bound Votes), Kirby spots Pokémon player, Trump Very Dark, Maddow Donald Duke, Hillary “proves I’m human”, Constantly Demonize Each Other, If If If If Bing Bing Bong Bong, Batman “no no no”, Predator Drones, Adam’s Gonna Read His Facebag, Small Local Toilet
1:42:18“Kiss my fat ass!”, Gonna Read Facebag, Chichakyan, Wow, I Am Really High!, ACC beatbox, Antisocial Media, Boobs!, “if you’re white” Escape, Hawaiian bobble-head SJW, Alt-Right Paranoid Fringe, And What Is Aleppo?, Hillary’s Cough, Burning in His Butt-Hole, Gary Johnson Encompass the Earth, “wheee!”, The Titles Are A Changin’, Grab You By the Pussy, Drunken Donor, Super-Secret Group, Nasty Women, Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word
1:58:35Outro, JCD: “everyone’s gonna love this thing!”