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946 High Falutin (2017-07-13)

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0:00:00ACC: (German)Aufwachen … podcast” (1:56:13)
0:00:36ACC in Florence Italy, streets festooned with wires, two days worth of sightseeing, “eight million tourists with selfie sticks”, overmodulating tour guides, migrants selling selfie sticks; no one-way car rentals, Mistral Air 15kg bag limit; JCD story: temporarily removed laptop
0:17:03Media saturated with Donald Trump Jr. story, “full-on retard”; CBS backgrounder “category five hurricane”, “connect the dots” meme; Charles Krauthammer Georgia & Ukraine fail
0:30:45Magnitsky Act, lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya “advocate for a bunch of crooks back in the Russian government”, CBS brings in Putin-hating Bill Browder; Lawrence O’Donnell “Donald Trump Jr. is an idiot”; Bob Baer & Tim Caine “treason”; Donald Jr. 20-minute waste of time; “oppo research”, Evan McMullin vs Anthony Shaffer on reporting rules, “walk-ins” mostly waste of time, Shaffer: “drop the propaganda!”, “I don’t know what universe you live in”
0:48:43NewsHour on Trump Sr. “open, transparent, and innocent”, sympathy from Lavrov; Sebastian Gorka to Alisyn Camerota on DNC meeting: “we don’t meet on the soil of foreign nations, at their embassies, to get opposition research”, “more people watch Nick at Night cartoons than CNN today”; Trump lawyer Jay Sekulow to Chris Cuomo on Ukraine talking point
0:59:34George Soros condemned by Israel for election meddling in Hungary, “stop, stop” iso; ACC targeted on Twitter for Soros comments, JCD on Soros-CIA connection
1:05:34Rachel Maddow “eh-oh!” for Trump “Russian operation”, lawsuits from “freaking hifalutin high-powered people who know what they are doing”; Maddow smear against Trump “New York lawyer” (Jew) Marc Kasowitz, ProPublica “enormous hair-curling story”, “details about — I kid you not — his behavior at office Christmans parties”, ProPublica and Soros; “open secret” of Russian funds in election process, ACC on uranium contract and Clinton Foundation
1:19:41Rep. Steve King on possible investigation of Anthony Weiner and James Comey’s “collusion”; new hearings for Comey’s successor, Lester Holt Russians gaffe
1:22:15Maria Bartiromo to John Podesta on House Intelligence Committee hearing, Democrats’ “deeper and stronger ties to Russia”, 75k shares in Russian energy company, divestiture “to adult children”, “widely-reported information from Infowars”, Hillary’s $100k from Russia for uranium, 17 agencies meme; FBI “lackadaisical” with DNC servers (CotD)
1:30:58Producer Segment: “pew pew” and swimmer Fu Anhui; Aufwachen! podcast call-out
2:02:03Merkel-Macron Paris meeting, possible EU finance minister; burqa ban in Italy and now in Belgium; Renzi starting to take blame for immigrant crisis; “not Chinese!” at leather store
2:11:14Anthology of Trump stories on enigmatic friend Jim’s “Paris is no longer Paris”; MSNBC ascribes GOP Trump support to Stockholm syndrome, “we live in two very different countries right now”; Joan Walsh outraged at “ornamental” Ivanka taking her father’s seat at G20
2:21:53Stephen Hawking climate change “raining sulfuric acid” revisited, 54-year ALS survival
2:25:30Syrian ceasefire collapsing, new strategy and more sales for Afghanistan, “great chemistry” at Trump-Putin G20 meeting, State Department excluding Pentagon from process, Heather Nauert: “Mr. Lavrov likes to talk a lot”, RT “one step forward, two steps back”, Germany’s Gernot Erler on US “indecisive back and forth” in Russia policy, former ambassador Jim Jatras on people “in the Deep State who don’t want any cooperation with Russia at all on anything”
2:30:23Donation Segment: producer cousin in KC-130 crash; sword open carry legalized in Texas
2:38:24Fishermen harassed by environmental activists, “it’s not food, it’s violence!” (CotD)
2:41:25Janet Yellen on flexible near-term policy, Federal Reserve potentially beginning to dump bonds