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945 Jiggabits (2017-07-09)

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0:00:00ACC: “From the richest people to the poorest … from sea to shining sea!” (1:07:01)
0:00:39ACC in Rome on maddening quest for more “jiggas” on five available networks, “not quite unlimited” 4G LTE, 128 kbps throttling; T-Mobile three-day wait, irritated tweet to John Legere, “T-Mobile social team”, privacy-invading Twitter app
0:19:31SEO’ed “five tips” native ads; Willow finds WINS store, “two jiggas!” for non-citizens, JCD: “they won’t take your money” because terrorism, five-hour provisioning wait; TIM store teen girl “shaking like a junkie” at getting iPhone data; EU regulation requiring passport copies
0:31:03Escaped South Carolina inmate tracked to Austin Motel 6, JCD: “this guy has been chipped”, governor wanting to jam cell signals, “weaken their networks” pushback from carriers
0:36:59Mark Shields substitute WaPo’s Ruth Marcus to NewsHour on Trump-Putin meeting: “it is not an honor to be with someone who has attacked and jailed dissidents and killed dissidents in his country”; fake handshake and blinking rant video, “it’s like Morse code!”, “tenterhooks” definition; David Brooks: “I think no normal person would say that”; “there’s something seriously wrong with you” iso; CNN Trump-Merkel handshake obsession: “yes, she did seem to initiate the handshake”, “physical literal outreach from Germany to the United States”
0:49:57RT & CNN totally disagree on Trump-Putin body language, fat-hiding tie finally ditched; deafening camera shutter clamor; CBS on Trump’s comfort with “authoritarian regimes” who buy US weaponry; ACC’s childhood friend Hans: “you’ve really become right wing”; newsletter from Aunt Meg: “outraged” by Trump stance on North Korea; G20 “anticapitalist” riots, police unable to shoot back, rioters joined by Bill de Blasio
1:06:32Theresa May’s “inclusive contrasting” speech habit, Ivanka’s Women Entrepreneurs’ Financing Initiative, ACC: “I’m so happy I identify as a woman”, ageist and racist pink pussy hats
1:10:21Producer Segment: “gushing praise” from producers
1:24:31Charlottesville removal of Robert E. Lee statue, “ready to commit to ending oppression and making reparations”, “only a few dozen” Klan members at protest; JCD Red Book: hostility toward Hamilton “jerk” Thomas Jefferson; Marc Canter sexual harassment allegations; Stephen Hawking’s 52-year bout of ALS, ACC’s Italian Wikipedia, “it’s not the same guy”
1:40:03Climate change threatening UK fish & chips businesses; France to ban fossil fuel cars by 2040, “and hybrid” fine print; Elon Musk’s Tesla Model 3, “dibs” gift from customer, 215 mile range; ACC on Mastodon vs Let’s Encrypt 90-day certificate shelf life, browser exceptions dead
1:50:30Show 744 Louis Farrakhan “rise up and kill those who kill us”; Planet Money on $70bn black budget, “gazillion”, Rachel Maddow “ginormous”; Ask Adam: Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla II
1:57:03Donation Segment
2:04:24Senate Law and Justice Committee testimony on college campus violence, language and violence conflated, “ends justify the means” zealotry; Coco Loco snortable chocolate
2:15:22RT on 85k migrants in Italy, hotels as emergency shelters across Europe, NATO hypocrisy; NGOs and human smuggling; ACC: “I’m not seeing it”, checking in with Willow, Vatican “tickets, skip the line!”, Sistine Chapel photography ban due to Nippon Television rights deal for restoration, “asshole millennials” with iPhone cameras; Count Richard Nikolaus Eijiro: “today’s races and classes will gradually disappear”, Coudenhove-Kalergi award for European leaders, 1950 Ode to Joy proposal; continuing white supremacy meme; Calais camp in woods
2:29:43CBS blames Russia for nuclear plant cyberattacks, Jeff Pegues Dan Coates non-sequitur trick, “electrical grids, hospitals, and election systems” bullcrap, “old code” meme