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944 Ming the Magnificent (2017-07-06)

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0:00:00ACC: “Uhhh, is it like really, like, painful, death?”
0:00:34Proposed ban on child sex robots, RealDoll’s Abyss Creations’ new AI “Harmony”, “tablet-enabled app”, ownership question in Canadian court; Dutch TED-like talk on pornography history, distribution vs content; 21 ejaculations per month for prostate health
0:08:28Silicon Valley sexual harassment from VCs and CEOs, JCD: “those damn Viet Cong!”, Iliza Shlesinger on creepy guys making passes, JCD on Silicon Valley mashers, ACC story: invited to smoke opium by Kleiner Perkins receptionist, Apple’s “male lesbian” hiring practices
0:22:14ACC and TtK sick with the flu predicted by JCD; Trump in Poland en route to G20, flowers for Melania and “weeds” for Ivanka, no visa waiver announcement; ACC: “Amsterdam is brown”, Swedish music festival cancelled due to rapes, 15k Austrian troops on Italian border; ACC’s gossip magazine editor brother-in-law on commissary serving only halal meat, Dutch raw “breakfast bacon”; Dutch welfare entrepreneurship experiment, Brexit blamed for disappearing strawberry-picking labor force, PBS on Brexit second thoughts in opinion poll
0:46:23UN 153.6M immigrants target from 2015-2040, British report on belief that Muslims are not integrating, man-on-the-street on regulation of Islam reporting, Taxi Eric tired of “penguins”; Sicilians fed up with EU handling of migrant crisis; ACC on Dutch safe haven
0:59:49Jean-Claude Juncker calls “advisory board” European Parliament “ridiculous” after being told “it’s the Parliament that should be controlling the Commission”, “I will never again attend a meeting of this kind” (CotD), JCD: “there’s your future, globalists”
1:03:32Producer Segment: Grand Duke Melancon’s jingle; Grand Canyon invitation
1:25:51No Agenda on AM radio, Radio Mi Amigo; 4chan doxxes CNN figures including Don Lemon
1:29:14Sally Kohn breathless with fury over Trump WrestleMania tweet, “Kenyan colonialist mindset”, panel head-scratching over “what are we doing that is making us have such low approval ratings with the public”; Ana Navarro rant: Trump thin-skinned “man-baby”, “he is going to get somebody killed in the media”; Steve Scalise back in the hospital
1:43:03Europeans worked up about North Korean ICBM test; policy “expert” to CBS: China & Russia “just don’t care”, Panetta: “you can’t out-bully a bully”; June 2009 “illegal weapons” ship revisited; no chance of US suspending exercises with South Korea, JCD: US acting like “Ming the Magnificent”; James Clapper testimony on “all 17 agencies” fallacy vs CNN on Trump’s three-agency “fake news”; Al Franken corrected on three agencies; “Russia?” jingle
1:58:35ABC D-block native ads, NewsHour on Crayola contest to name new shade of blue
2:02:00Donation Segment
2:15:32Dennis Kucinich on H.R.1987 Oversight Commission on Presidential Capacity, Democrat ties to corporate interests; Mika Brzezinski warns Trump will “control exactly what people think, and that is our job”; Elizabeth Warren “1935 to 1916” timeline, blames deregulation on Reagan
2:23:14JCD: Stephen Hawking a “novelty fuck”, Trump turning earth into Venus warning, speech synthesizer “Doug”; new study of global warming contributing to economic inequality, 0.7% GDP per degree; Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann data fraud “climate science trial of the century”
2:32:4978-page UN sarin gas report based on interviews, Heather Nauert: “there’s no debate” Assad responsible; MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace urges female White House staff to “educate” Trump over Mika “dumb as a rock” tweet; Adam’s Gonna Read His Facebag: Trump “embraces the devil”, “one person is one vote!”, JCD on unlikelihood of ditching Electoral College
2:44:4695% TSA failure rate in Minneapolis; Trump-Putin G20 meeting, “welcome to Hell” protest