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943 Ed Mubarek (2017-07-02)

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0:00:00ACC: “I think Van Jones went to Yale.” (2:02:13)
0:00:33ACC in Amsterdam taking “contemporaneous notes”, Americans lousy at joint-rolling, new tobacco packaging warning messages, “increases your chances of blindness”; Australian push to remove cereal cartoon characters; Volvo self-driving car’s difficulty detecting kangaroos
0:09:01ACC’s trip to Netherlands, no more Life Saver rolls, no TSA Pre✓ for TtK, swab-fest for ACC’s bag; 30-minute flight delay predicted by JCD, Delta screws KLM passengers in Atlanta, “dude, I’m Adam Curry! MTV!” to pilots, Mariott voucher, gypped on food voucher, JCD on “gum-stripping toothbrushes”, single-blade razor; knocked out by white Motrin PM
0:25:02RT on TSA pilot program to screen travelers’ reading materials, explosives “come in sheets”, ACC: “in those old laptops, I could put an ounce of weed in the battery compartment”, Mein Kampf “red flag”, “ideology reading”, Kindle “black bag this guy!” skit, Day Trading for Dummies, JCD gun-shaped lead foil practical joke; ACC’s Bespoke Post bottle opener wire keychain passing TSA, JCD’s Swiss army knife USB drive at Empire State Building
0:39:18Schiphol glass-walled security corridors, “human gerbil funnel”; XCom Global Wi-Fi hot spot “excessive data use” fail; ACC’s friend Lex’ Warhol exhibit, 20 from Reigning Queens series, “there were more queens there than a gay pride parade”; paparazzi on red carpet
0:49:49Post-show dinner, Lex’ son’s Canadian girlfriend’s “orange clown”, JCD on English-speaking countries looking down on Americans, ACC’s on-stage sweating attack, “fag with a slut mom” comeback, anti-Trump talking points; Nuon “chemical processes and the sun” green energy ads; documentary concludes Buk missile may not have hit MH17
1:01:00Producer Segment: $555.10 “triple nickels on the dime”
1:27:04Diamond and Silk call and response on Democrat oversight commission bill to have Trump “‘compacitated”, “it looks like it may be time for us to vote some of you all out”; Ana Navarro on “dumb as a rock” Mika Brzezinski tweet, “this dude has such a fixation with women and blood”, Republicans’ “listen, you crazy lunatic seventy-year-old man-baby” (CotD), “acting” meme; Morning Joe “blackmail” with National Enquirer piece, “phone call receipts”
1:40:24David Brooks on “corruption of the public sphere”, Mark Shields on children “banished their room” for such behavior, “you want to put your self through a carwash after you listen to the president talk this way”, Brooks on “mafioso extortion behavior”, Shields on “threats and extortion” for Comey, Enquirer “one of the great publications of our time”
1:48:22Diamond and Silk: Trump “had to get Mika and Joe straight”, “do you think that we’re going to believe two people that allegedly cheated on their spouses?”, “y’all just mad because you cannot control the narrative any more, and he’s controlling it, suck it up, buttercup!
1:53:53CNN’s Jimmy Carr to Project Veritas: Trump “batshit”, American voters “stupid as shit”, Kellyanne Conway “looks like she got hit with a shovel”, ACC on crappy digital audio; Anderson Pooper “deceptively selectively edited”, Van “I’ll talk to anybody” Jones tries to explain away “big nothing-burger”, O’Keefe “scumbag”, “ordinary people”, CNN “whom I love”
2:07:34Donation Segment: “Ed Mubarek socks”
2:24:52Ukraine ransomware outbreak, Silicon Valley rumors of CIA involvement, TNT Express
2:35:09Doctor on insurance medical director recommending looking into assisted suicide, “suicide” disallowed on death certificate and fraud (BCotD); naloxone-resistant acrylfentanyl, “so it is now in our state” drop, tetrahydrofuran fentanyl, ACC: “the kratom episode is coming”; recreational pot in Nevada, $600 fine for public use