Call Clooney!

942 Force Multiplier (2017-06-29)

Show 942 album art
0:00:00JCD: “What??” (0:16:12)
0:00:33Summer fog in San Francisco; ACC to open Amsterdam Andy Warhol exhibit, JCD on “mega-scissors”, ACC’s best-of music show for France contingency, “I could make seven hours, easily”
0:04:51Rick Perry on “a little bit different” French attitude toward nuclear power, “I can assure you they’re very fond of getting it at the rate they’re getting it”, standardization vs one-offs
0:09:26Armed Services Committee approves NDAA a minute shy of midnight deadline; presidential travel amendment; “Mr. Chairman, I have another culturally explosive topic that is sure to generate tremendous debate”; Thornberry’s interruption response; Trent Franks space-based “warfighting domain” missile defense vs Outer Space Treaty, Jim Cooper’s obscure “his language is not in the subcommittee mark, there’s a reason for that”, Stratfor markup
0:26:34Trump condemned for spending $400k of $6.9M in own properties for 2020 campaign
0:28:41NDAA transgender amendment, Steve Russell: “today the soldier approached his commanding officer to discuss his newly-confirmed pregnancy” (BCotD), Donald Meachin plays race card, JCD on Renée Richards and arbitrary self-identification, East German athletes growing testicles; expelled from Chicago Dyke March for Star of David flags, intersectionality revisited
0:42:26Theodor Lessing “Jews, socialists, and feminists” 1906 fractal; Haymaker Collective for SJW “hetero-normative masculine macho gym culture” misfits, spin class comedy routine revisited
0:49:15Project Veritas American Pravda exposes CNN ratings-grab, Van Jones: Russia “big nothing-burger”; JCD on media seeking Trump-hater ratings; new CNN social media policy, three journalists out after Scaramucci retraction; Sarah Huckabee berated for “inflaming everybody”; The View: “when you believe the government state-sponsored news over the people, it’s a dictatorship”, howls at Jedediah Bila Obama parallel
1:05:30Clarissa Ward frets about “all-out declaration of war on the media”, “getting in the neck”, Chris Cillizza on “Russian hacking of an election”; Seymour Hersh “debunked” by Bellingcat
1:13:00Don Lemon whines about “hypocrisy” of disallowing cameras; Dee Dee Myers on experimentally televising press briefing, “it wasn’t really necessary” (CotD)
1:16:05Producer Segment: JCD story: flu shot border grilling; Popmoney jingle; amygdalomegaly
1:43:40Clinton Health Matters Initiative partnership, free naloxone for high schools; producer note on opioid users becoming extremely cross upon instant detoxification; Middletown OH three-strike system to withhold dispatch, JCD: “let ‘em die”, on kratom: “you want to ban stuff that works”, Burroughs’ Junky recommendation; producer note on CBC marijuana culture
1:55:19NRA PSA on fighting Dimension B resistance movement
1:58:06Sheryll Murray at Prime Minister’s Questions: “someone even urinated on my office door”, JCD “feeling its oats” boisterousness, Theresa May blames Blair for Grenfell Tower, “aaah!” chorus over fire safety cutbacks; May on opposition favoring trade with “Venezuela, Cuba, and North Korea”; Judy Woodruff doesn’t really say “armrest in Venezuela”
2:07:55Producer feedback on YouTube “not advertiser-friendly” monetization e-mails
2:09:45Donation Segment
2:24:09New TSA slave scanners “may allow passengers to leave liquids and laptops – oh my goodness! – in their carry-on bags”, “they’ll be able to rotate it”, JCD: “does he think he’s going through the machine himself?”; PBS on “enhanced screening”; Jeff Pegues “potential hijackings” kicker
2:32:04CBS misses connection between wet winter and LA fires; Lateline climate hysteria montage
2:36:29Lack of protests over reinstated 90-day travel ban, Fall SCotUS hearing too little too late