Call Clooney!

941 Shmoo (2017-06-25)

Show 941 album art
0:00:00JCD: “So … whaddya think your business is gonna be worth with the window broken?”
0:00:39And Now Back to Real News: countess-catching Kate Middleton
0:01:19RT on entire LA sheriff’s department carrying naloxone nasal spray, group overdoses, ACC on “designated user”, massive Adapt Pharma promotion
0:09:15Viceland documentary on French headscarf ban, harassing schoolgirls instead of going after no-go zones; 23 “vulnerable zones” in Sweden, Cameron in 2011 on “state multiculturalism”
0:17:39Producer Facebag rant: Jon Ossoff not a carpetbagger, real origin of term; Bill Clinton looking good on speaking tour, 14 bodies in barrels found in Clinton back yard, Bill on political tribalism; cheers for Johnny Depp’s “when was the last time an actor assassinated a president”
0:29:13Nancy Pelosi calls herself “effective leader”, Filemon Vela: “prolific fundraiser”, “I’m not afraid of retribution”; federal fraud investigation over Jane Sanders’ 33 acres, JCD on difficulty of raising venture capital; CBC on Trump tapes meme, ACC story: MTV groupthink and dissing Madonna in TV Guide interview, CNN and Fox “different channels, different worlds”; Mark Shields partially corrected on Trump-Comey trust poll; David Brooks outs himself: “if you’re a Democrat you have to think about who is currently the face of our party” (CotD)
0:44:22WaPo reporter on Putin directing anti-Hillary campaign, “lock her up” origin, situation room feeds killed, bin Laden parallel, expectation of Trump loss; Debbie Wasserman Schultz on never hearing from FBI about DNC & DNCC hacks by “enemy state”, J’Johnson “misinformed”; JCD on leaked CIA software spoofing Russian attackers, “mad as a wet hen”
0:58:52Smerconish on Jill Stein’s dinner with Putin as “meddling”, “Zabrudering” photo
1:05:08Moon Jae-in proposes unified North-South 2018 Olympic team, proposed North Korean camping resort; Fox’ Ainsley Earhardt, JCD story: Ingram facility filled with Southern belles, Korea “expert” on Kim Jong-un & Dennis Rodman: “he’s got to be wondering … who is this man?
1:14:47Producer Segment: schmoe vs shmoo; abortion carbon credits at climate change conference
1:41:09CNN six-spook panel, a year of MH370 “breaking news”, MH17 report still MIA; CIA contractors stealing $3k in vending machine snacks; Grenfell fire traced to Hotpoint refrigerator
1:50:48Producer note on French Revolution Les Enragés rabble-rousers; Professor Jordan Peterson on serotonin in lobster behavior, irreversible amygdala growth from PTSD (BCotD); Canadian hate crime law against using wrong pronoun
1:58:27Canadian public health “best practices” for marijuana use, “frequent and intensive use”, “we know that there are people who do use marijuana” and are “familiar with the effects”, stoner with maniacal laugh iso; Justin Trudeau on effort to “legalize and control marijuana”; flawed CBS “last ditch effort” to scare off people over car accidents, medical marijuana card trap
2:11:10Donation Segment: Canadian currency parity not for baht or rupees; JCD “devils dimes”
2:27:27Round table offerings “giblet”, JCD’s blow explanation for early Dame; Ramsey Cain on MMPI recommending priest or clown
2:29:56GuideStar flagging SPLC “hate groups”, possible Sharpton-style shakedown; TtK at charity conference on targeting millennials, JCD: “and they have to have a story”
2:34:53The Five’s new gay black Democrat, “fag hag” Guilfoyle, Fox meme of the month “hate coming from the party of tolerance” NLP; Obama “50k fewer preventable patient deaths”, Trumpcare killing additional 50k meme; big pharma rep on medication spending “slowest growing” sector, “paying for the value of care”, “volume of care” botch, JCD: “you wanna live?”
2:49:35Rumblings about polls and “reverse Brexit”; Frans Timmermans on €50bn bar tab