Call Clooney!

940 Dealio (2017-06-22)

Show 940 album art
0:00:00ACC: “I’ve moisturized, I look like a teenager.” (2:42:43)
0:00:32“Truck crash” earthquake in JCD’s neck of the woods, unnerving deep-bass sound
0:03:52Rebuilding frontal cortex connection to amygdala, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry parallel, Perry to Access Hollywood on suicidal thoughts; Jim Devine to Tucker Carlson on #HuntRepublicans tweet, “the left has every reason to come forward and stand up”, Obamacare “keeping 50k Americans alive” meme, “elections where the people that get the most votes don’t win”, “that is tyrannical government”, “Senator Paul Rand”, Carlson: “you’re an unbalanced person”
0:16:21Overcaffeinated Camille Paglia on how “my party has destroyed journalism”; climate change “the culling”, “check your amygdala” jingle; Tucker Carlson’s appendectomy; Alan Dershowitz on “selective injustice” against Trump, “corrupt motive” nonsense
0:28:02Georgia special election: JCD on “carpetbagger” Jon Ossoff; CBS on blame for Republican punching bag Pelosi, Handel’s $4.5M vs $23M, CNN on Handel’s “unbelievable” budget; CBS focuses on Conway “snarkily” tweet, Tim Ryan on “toxic” Democrat brand; Iowa Trump rally, “build the wall!” girl, “CBS, well you know what, you have a lot of slanted stories”
0:44:44Jim Acosta hysterical over White House video ban “stonewalling”, “highly paid” Sean Spicer, “it’s like we’re just covering bad reality television” (CotD), JCD: “the broadcast guys are the biggest dicks in the world”, insulting Phrase from the Chaise “gaggle”
0:54:58Rachel Maddow speculates about Georgia election “turnout effect from the bad weather”; JCD on Phrase from the Chaise “carpetbagger”; Jon Ossoff the Georgetown University spook
1:03:48Producer Segment: University of Rochester “default race”
1:24:54ACC an ENFP “the campaigner”, JCD calls bullcrap and recommends MMPI Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory, Veep podcasting slam
1:32:33Four-hour CNN Watergate special with crusty-lipped Robert Redford; Tom Brokejaw on “deep dark hate that’s coursing through our country” from the likes of Alex Jones, ACC: “he has the poop guy sound”; Joy Reid on Republicans trying to “make themselves the victims”, Ted Nugent saying “Obama should suck on his machine gun”; Adam Schiff refuses to “go into the particulars” of collusion investigation, ACC Phrase from the Chaise “dealio”, “malicious cause”, Nugent “hey Obama, you might wanna suck on one of these, you punk!”
1:45:06CBS on 21 states with evidence of Russian meddling in election infrastructure, national security official refuses to elaborate on exfiltration, J’Johnson on Obama’s warning buried by coverage of Access Hollywood video, Jeff Pegues “disparaging remarks about women” needle, CBS deletes J’Johnson gripe about delay in reporting, “below the fold news”
1:54:39CBS picks up “T-boned” with USS Fitzgerald, producers on equipment malfunction cover-up
2:00:32European Commission takes issue with Belgian frite double-frying producing acrylamide
2:09:28Black & brown stripes added to rainbow pride flag in Philadelphia, pink & purple variants in original flag; SCotUS strikes down offensive trademark ban and sex offender social media ban
2:14:30Donation Segment: $77.77 “flat earth” donation
2:23:28Trump on “solar wall” for Mexico border, “my idea”; RT on US military in Philippines under Duterte’s radar; Flint airport stabbing, official Allahu akbar pronunciation
2:36:16JCD on racist This is Us and Carmichael shows, ACC on black college roommate
2:43:13Russia unamused by US Syrian jet shootdown, Paris Air Show, Joe Dunford cites AUMF for “prosecuting a campaign”; Krauthammer on Iran wanting ISIS territory in Syria, JCD on Bush 43 never setting foot overseas, ACC: “Trump’s actions are clearly not pro-Russian!”