Call Clooney!

93 Pigs in Space (2009-04-30)

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0:00:39Technical difficulties galore on Queen’s Day, JCD: “infinite number of drunks” from UK, thumbs-up on party, “she’s taller than you”, “I had to stand on a box” for photo; over-capacity barge sinks after ramming pier; four killed by car ramming pedestrian crowd and into Masonic monument in Apeldoorn; JCD on France 24’s “blonde bombshell” and hot reporter Stephanie Antoine; Naked News still a thing
0:11:23Swine flu offensive to Muslims and Jews, pig culling in Egypt, Dutch government declares country immune, Dutch people all-in on Obama, “jaded” and “friendly guy” memes
0:14:28100-day presidential press conference, CNN letter grade vote, ACC: “completely orchestrated show”, New York Times “what has enchanted you”, JCD: “it sounds like Oprah!”, ACC gripes about complete lack of CFL lightbulbs
0:19:19News Night documentary on Powershift ’09 teaching climate activists civil disobedience and resisting arrest, Rahm Emanuel on “what the relationship should be between big business and government”; Al Gore at Senate climate change legislation hearing: “there are people who still believe that the Moon landing was staged on a movie lot in Arizona”, Steve Scalise on moving carbon & jobs to China, Gore confronted with carbon credit meetings with Ken Lay
0:30:35500k flu deaths worldwide, 236 cases of swine flu, CNN reporter wearing surgical mask; Ron Paul on 1976 outbreak, vaccination side effects; WHO Level 5 with ACC’s family all-in, “I’m not always crackpot!”; producer on doctor refusing prophylactic prescription due to CDC sign-off requirement; Obama’s additional $1.5bn vaccination funding request; JCD on 1918 H1N1 vs swine vs Spanish flu propaganda
0:43:02April 22 CNN report: Venezuelan equine encephalitis samples missing from Fort Detrick Maryland, polo horse deaths, Baxter International tapped to make swine flu vaccine, exploding vials on Swiss train; $200M from World Bank for Mexico, March 19 announcement of $100M Sanofi-Aventis vaccine facility in Mexico, Donald Rumsfeld former Chairman of Tamiflu developer Gilead Sciences
0:48:12JCD on carbon-copy high-end Amsterdam restaurants, menu “dressed by” credits; producer note on refusing to donate because hosts have jobs, ACC: “check yourself”, pledge drive meal premium idea; voiceless Letterman swine flu debacle, Leno in hospital and four-hour erection joke; Law & Order: SVU murder indictment for not vaccinating against measles, NBC web page with CDC adult measles vaccine ads; JCD’s doctor not all-in on hepatitis B vaccine
0:57:51JCD on Spanish military intelligence anticipating al-Qaeda attack; Canadian antipiracy strategy: Somali “stop!” Signs on helicopters; preliminary Turkish Airlines 1591 report: proximity alarm indicating altimeter failure; Air Force One “photo op” with Statue of Liberty scandal, ACC: “who says Obama wasn’t on the plane?”, “backup plane”, two Air Force Ones for two Obamas, nothing to be found in air traffic control records; Obama “move it up” teleprompter gaffe, JCD’s dead TechTV prompter
1:08:15ACC’s 0630 call from time-zone-ignoring JCD, “you can take a nap!”