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939 Bigdala (2017-06-18)

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0:00:00JCD: “This is not the bottled water I want!” (2:10:44)
0:00:34California heat wave; Grenfell Tower fire “not seventeen” deaths slogan, Lily Allen: “much closer to a hundred and fifty”, volunteer on sending food “to who, they’ve died!”; Theresa May “chased away” from church, resident safety complaints and flammable cladding
0:10:52Executive Order promoting apprenticeship, paid vs unpaid internships, Trump: “in history nobody has gotten rid of so many regulations as the Trump administration”, “earn while you learn”; Noodle Boy, ACC on meeting McDonald’s training consultant for young millennials, “the actual effort of opening the window, handing the tray, and saying have a nice day requires a week of focus”, ACC on millennial tiny house communities, transportability myth
0:25:07JCD on paper route door-to-door “sales prop” training, “you’re not gettin’ this newspaper, why not?”, ACC’s blacksmithing apprenticeship, JCD on internship for college credits scam
0:31:53ACC waiting for Father’s Day communiqué from CVC, donation dud
0:33:01Involuntary manslaughter conviction for urging boyfriend to commit suicide via text message, JCD: “she was sick of him!”, “bearing witness to yourself voluntarily”; dating iPhone requirement, iPod Touch and Kindle power use, JCD on original MEMS screen at trade show
0:42:05New TSA CT slave scanners, evaluating “fingerprint technology” for TSA Pre✓, ACC: “join the new program, get your chip!”, JCD story: unable to fool facial recognition system at law enforcement trade show, all-seeing eye tattoo workaround; “cheap junk” X-ray leakage
0:51:53Stephen Colbert Tony Awards comparison of Trump administration with Broadway play; Elizabeth Warren’s favorite curse word “poop”, “fiddlesticks” and “mikado” game
0:57:09Waterloo Day, Napoleon taken down by Wellington’s formation “technological breakthrough”
0:59:09US destroyer USS Fitzgerald “T-boned” by container ship, “extremely proud” Vice Admiral
1:05:22Producer Segment: Popmoney info; eleven-jingle request; “backstory of douche
1:24:58The View on Kamala “Cameltoe” Harris being called “hysterical”, “female-baiting history”
1:31:14Helmut Kohl dead at 87; two US ships in Qatari waters for exercises, $12bn fighter jet sale, Trump on “funder of terrorism”; Heather Nauert: deal “long time in the making”; RT on M5M fake news and misuse of anonymous sources; Rolling Stone Rachel Maddow interview; Newsletter “TP” talking points memo; Call of Duty black female Nazi
1:42:42Obama turns TMZ rumor mill shill; OFA mailing list annoyance; Jason Fuller Huffington Post piece calls for Trump’s execution for treason, ACC: “the next president has no chance”; M5M covering baseball game hoping for another attack; Mark Shields: questioning opponent legitimacy “Newt Gingrich’s Bible”, Trump “a clone of Newt Gingrich”; NPR Fact Check on armed Antifas, ADL researcher: far left “hasn’t been particularly violent for some time”
1:54:43Joy Reid calls Steve Scalise a racist homophobe, Rev. William Barber calls Republicans hypocritical; producer on James Hodgkinson’s left-wing brother; MTV Facebag anti-Trump rant
2:04:13Lady Gaga on PTSD from tours “when my needs and requests for balance were being ignored”, PICS post-intensive care syndrome, “check your amygdala”, TtK’s $52k hospital bill
2:23:27Donation Segment: no more Father’s Day promotions; enlarged amygdala “bigdala”
2:35:15Londoner calls for revolution against British M5M, “I like you too, I like you fried, boiled, any which way”; producer note: accessibility audio descriptions “impossible task”
2:41:15NPR spinoff Gimlet Media stooping to infomercial podcasts
2:44:17White House “lawyering up”; Senate passes Russia sanctions; Oliver Stone Putin interview
2:49:01“Assault pistol” ban at Pearl Harbor base; new SJW scream; Booz Allen under investigation