Call Clooney!

938 Humalgo (2017-06-15)

Show 938 album art
0:00:00JCD: “What a short!” (2:16:13)
0:00:33Washington D.C. baseball shooter with “obviously bloated” amygdala, out of control WaPo; CBS blames “incendiary rhetoric of American politics”; Sarah Palin blamed for 2011 Gabrielle Giffords shooting; “often-polarizing president” needle; Brolf: “just could’ve been somebody saying are you Democrats or Republicans, could’ve just been an innocent question” (CotD); NYT protective detail story; Mike Doyle on media not interviewing friends in Congress, Judy Woodruff: “that’s something for us to reflect on”; Newt Gingrich on violent campus liberals
0:13:33Malcolm Nance on “over-proliferation of guns”, nominates Trump properties for suicide bombing; pro-gun legislation hearing cancelled; Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe: “we lose 93 million Americans a day to gun violence”; Brolf guest: “a robot firing a weapon”, ACC: “I’m thinking MKULTRA!”; Steve Scalise human trafficking PSA; Julius Caesar Trump lookalike; “assault pistol” meme, PBS on San Francisco UPS shooting, MAC-10 “party gun”
0:25:15WaPo breaking news: “Trump under investigation!”, Lawrence O’Donnell and smirking Devlin Barrett; “Trump friend” Chris Ruddy “doubles down” on claim Trump will (not) fire Mueller; ACC’s SFS straddle fatigue syndrome; Rod Rosenstein: Mueller not answerable to Trump
0:37:40Jeff Sessions testimony, vraag naar de bekende weg Dutch-ism, smirking Kamala Harris on “to the best of your recollection” responses, Sessions: being rushed “makes me nervous”; Ron Wyden stonewalling accusation, Comey-firing advice and recusal; Comey Call Me jingle
0:57:24Jedediah Bila calls Comey a coward on The View, Joy Behar on Politifact’s 277 Trump lies, Whoopi “let’s not muddy the waters as they try to do” on interference from Loretta Lynch
1:00:58Producer Segment: “interesting” = “stupid”; Putin Don’t Worry, Be Happy jingle
1:18:05Ankara mayor on recent man-made earthquake; Sam Houston statue removal hoax; US shooting machine guns in Tripoli; dirty bomb threat in Charleston, George Webb on Hillary hit list, Van Jones: campaign “took a billion dollars … and set it on fire and called it a campaign”
1:29:502015 clip of Mike Morell on special forces fighting ISIS in Syria; Sharpton Star Wars and “it’s a Google self-driving car” isos, ACC Nest algo update, JCD thermostat “humalgo”, deGrasse Tyson “so…”, TNT epic “y’know uh, um”; producer on fake fentanyl Xanax and naloxone
1:38:31CBS on Comey leak legality; Feinstein’s “queasy feeling”; Woolsey vs Zakaria on legality
1:44:10War on Cash: S.1241 money laundering bill to apply to Bitcoin and gift cards
1:47:51London Grenfell Tower fire low-income “council flats”, RT’s Lionel thoughtful WTC 7 “hmmm!”
1:50:36Five inches of snow near Tahoe, Canadian icebreaker blocked; mumbling Brooke Baldwin “punting that ball down the road”; Tony Awards Kevin Spacey clip JCD epic fail
1:58:21China Eastern 736 “engine number one fucked” (TCS)
2:00:04Greg Gianforte misdemeanor plea deal; lawsuit over Polish black site; 1980 NEJM addiction “rare in patients treated with narcotics” letter, producer note on pain “fifth vital” and federal funding, JCD on daughter-in-law’s opioids; Trump DoJ vs Tenth Amendment on cannabis enforcement, JCD edible challenge, Super Bowl brownies story; Cumulus Media stock in toilet
2:16:17Donation Segment: JCD’s Newsletter essay on Trump and self-esteem movement
2:31:30Dimension B: The View on Priebus brown-nosing; Kirsten Gillibrand “fuck no”; Mika Brzezinski: “no real men” in White House; sputtering Whoopi: CNN Trump coverage 98% positive
2:44:34Putin extends asylum offer to Comey; WaPo GOP talking points; ACC on internet comedians
2:55:12Mark Ruffalo: stop hiring white people; GOP “bad gays” parade ban; Katy Perry cultural appropriation apology; Winn-Dixie web accessibility ruling; “we have evidence” CBD meme