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937 Stump the Algos (2017-06-11)

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0:00:00JCD: “Put on your seat belt! Get back in your seat, slave!” (2:25:43)
0:00:34British election: pro-Brexit DUP, Jeremy Corbyn campaign informed by Bernie Sanders volunteers, “help train people on, persuading people of why Labour’s policies made sense”, mock Brexit grave; Theresa May’s “lackluster campaign”, “living on borrowed time”; bizarrely-dressed characters, mobilization of young voters pissed off over Brexit; AOL’s “Shingy”
0:14:49RT: James Comey’s testimony “everything everyone expected”, CNN criminal investigation lie, Comey proxy leak, cowbell whoosh, Rorschach test; Comey on New York Times collusion article: “in the main it was not true”, July 5 statement “nonsense”; “28 words that matter”, Trump’s “I hope you can let this go”, Jim Risch: “you don’t know of anyone that’s ever been charged for hoping something, is that a fair statement?”; Scott Pelley: “Comey told the … Committee that the President directed him to drop the FBI’s investigation” lie, Comey: “not to my understanding, no”; lame Kamala Harris “I hope you will give me your wallet” analogy
0:28:52Comey on MI6 “salacious and unverified material” briefing: “it was, first, true”; ten-year term “outside of politics” distortion; Comey on influence from Loretta Lynch, public accounts “nonsense”, “investigation” vs “matter”, John King: “it won’t get much attention, but it was pretty damning”; sneaky ABC swaps in Flynn in place of Hillary; Lynch at Aspen Institute
0:44:17Incoherent John McCain asks why FBI did not extend “President Comey” Russia investigation to Clinton campaign, ACC: “McCain knows something”; Feinstein “you’re big, you’re strong”, Comey “lordy, I hope there are tapes”, ACC: “he’s a whiny little bitch” (ACCPPotD)
0:53:40CBS on legal complaint over leak, lawsuit threats “tactic often used by Mr. Trump” needle, Scott Pelley “falsehoods and conspiracy theories” dig; Chris Matthews on Flynn being on periphery of case; Catherine Herridge on unmasking paper trail, ACC: Comey did it, “not necessarily a person of principle”, Fletcher “Comey!”; Jeanine Pirro: “he’s a predator”, “he is part of the Washington elite”; Nancy Pelosi on Morning Joe recommends Trump “get some sleep”, “this is hopefully not repairable” senior moment, Mika trots out impeachment meme; Pelosi “President Bush” flub, “it’s hard for me to say it”; Pelosi “court of public opinion”
1:13:12Female-sounding Chelsea Manning: “this is me, it’s on me”, conviction appeal
1:15:31Producer Segment: Rhinestone Cowboy donation jingle; ACC’s Melania “chip in” e-mail
1:32:21Reaction to ACC’s bogus strip club food poisoning tweet; JCD on San Francisco poop map
1:37:55JCD links Qatar newspaper hack to Iran; The Economist on Indian “sand mafia”
1:47:33UN Human Rights Council independent rapporteur on sexual orientation/gender identity SOGI mandate, LGBTI, ACC: “if you call yourself queer, get out!”, peculiar “discrimination” pronunciation, “depathologization”, mandate defeated by Organization of Islamic Cooperation; JCD on Katie Hopkins “hate speech” firing by LBC, producer note on UK police cracking down on social media hate crimes, UK Libyans sent to dispatch Gaddafi
2:10:05New Chrome ad blocker to favor “good ads” from Coalition for Better Ads
2:11:47Donation Segment: Canadian “dollarettes” on par; “terrible influence on my dad” note
2:23:06Broadcasting & Cable “dear white people” cover; CNN on Muslim women feeling threatened, ACC all-in on headscarf solidarity; Reality Winner denied bond, blowing up White House journal entry; US troops killed by Taliban plant in Afghan army, war’s $800bn price tag; Jim Rogers’ global financial crash prediction debunked by Horowitz, JCD on 1857 fractal
2:38:14ACC on new Apple podcast standard; JCD “stumped the algo” on robo-call; Watson ads
2:47:49Seth Rich on ballot integrity; ACC calls bullshit on ATC privatization and NextGen