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936 Paris Pullout (2017-06-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “Russia Russia Russia.” (2:38:53)
0:00:31James Comey’s testimony to Congress begins; ACC & JCD perplexed by Skype speech recognition; Comey Call Me jingle; CBS on one-on-one dinner and loyalty request, Flynn “fired”; Microsoft’s Lernout & Hauspie speech IP, wat je zegt ben jezelf, met je kop door de helft translation; “hookers in Russia” denial, “we had that thing, you know”; Facebag FOMO hysteria
0:13:53Comey memo on January 6 briefing, counterintelligence vs criminal investigations, blackmail theory; Lawrence O’Donnell: Trump potentially “made the decision that destroyed his presidency” (BCotD); Joy Behar to Pelosi: “what more proof do we need?”, Pelosi “woke”; Sessions out of loop; “no there there” Jeopardy! question; Comey sued over illegal spying
0:28:12Scott Pelley back on CBS, Jeff Pegues on Trump-Comey handshake that “could compromise the independence of the FBI”, “sources” allege pushback requests for Coats & Rogers, out-of-context quotes, Trump “made clear it was about Russia” lie; Facebag “pact with the devil”
0:39:31Leaker “Reality Winner” arrested for leaking bogus classified NSA Russia document to The Intercept, Winner’s real name Sarah, idiotic use of Gmail account, Anderson Pooper photo
0:50:09Twin Peaks’ Dr. Jacoby “our bodies, poisoned!” rant; “Paris pullout”, Macron invites “engyneers” to work in France; Al Gore: “nature hike through the Book of Revelation”, “once-in-a-thousand-year downpours”, called out on bogus “planetary emergency” prediction, “fish from the ocean swimming in the streets” in Miami, producer on rain runoff; John Coleman: “hello everybody, there is no global warming!”, debunks 97% meme with $2.5bn in federal money
1:02:29Jerry Brown all-in on China partnership, “we have to decarbonize our future, if we don’t it’s a horror”, JCD: “how is this not a violation of the Logan Act?”; producers on propaganda effectiveness for Christians, “never again flood the world” promise, JCD on speaking in tongues
1:15:47GMU Center for Climate Change Communication’s John Cook “vaccine” for deniers in PLoS ONE; Rand Paul tries to tamp down “mass extinction” hysteria, “notoriously inaccurate” modeling; Scott Adams cartoon for Newsletter, Jim Marshall’s iconic Jimi Hendrix photo
1:23:14Producer Segment: ACC struggles to tame bouncing Skype dock icon
1:44:39JCD proposes Mason Williams as source of popular boy’s name; Skype handle-jiggling
1:53:10CBS on wave of opioid overdoses in Georgia, leading cause of death in under-50s, 911 call from nine-year-old, Ohio lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies; Keytruda side effects; $6bn “pink slime” defamation lawsuit against ABC News, “fake news” meme
2:02:15UK Tory win prediction; chickenshit Sadik Khan on London Bridge attack: “I can’t follow 400 people”, legal defense of Zacarias Mousassoui; “you have to live your life” meme, producer on multiple gunshot cases; attacker Khuram Butt in The Jihadis Next Door documentary, London Underground job; Khan: Trump policies “go against everything we stand for”
2:15:57Fran Townsend on 370k Twitter accounts deactivated, al-Awlaki “rightly and legally” killed, “permitted to terrorize us from the grave”; Theresa May promises changes to human rights laws; ACC theory: UK nutty due to syphilis epidemic, Tucker Carlson “blah blah blah” iso
2:28:57Donation Segment
2:35:58Seth Rich’s girlfriend speaks; “catch and release” at border still in use
2:38:55CBS: Trump “appeared to take credit” for Russian hack on Qatari news site, ambassador shortage; new State Department spokeshole Heather Nauert’s giant binder and good hair
2:51:09Idiotically-named Apple HomePod; Mark Steyn to Tucker Carlson on Obama’s “bloodless Mr. Spock routine” in Canada; AT&T “slamming” cellular customers, JCD: “it’s a scam!”