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935 Phallocentric Age (2017-06-04)

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0:00:00ACC: “Wait wait, stop!” JCD: “Yeah?” ACC: “Basketball moment!” (1:06:49)
0:00:36Podcasts added to Peabody Awards; ACC on bizarre American rolling paper usage
0:03:23London Bridge attack, election false flag theories, Jeremy Corbyn on campaign suspension; MSNBC on “run, hide, and tell protocol”; flamboyant gushing over “phenomenal” emergency services; mayor: we will not “allow them to cower our city”; 80k evacuated from German Rock am Ring concert; Sky News implicates lone wolves; Theresa May all-in on internet regulation
0:17:34NYT fires public editor; NewsHour’s Brooks & Shields again in total agreement on Trump abdicating global leadership with Paris agreement; Paris hysteria montage, Kerry “put America last”; Pelosi “good stewards of God’s creation”, “environmental justice issue”, “frack natural gas” meme, papal encyclical for Trump, grandchildren “assuming they breathe air”
0:28:05Tucker Carlson grills Miami Mayor Phillip Levine about tangible Paris agreement benefits, “what you’re describing is religious faith”, Levine: “it’s a world democracy”; 2015 NASA article on net Antarctic ice gains of 112bn tons per year from 1992-2001
0:37:20CBS: “the White House defended the president”, poll: 13% “volunteered” issue is jobs vs 2% environment, John Kerry on the defensive, Spicer on changing targets vs renegotiation
0:44:44American Commitment’s Phil Kerpen to NewsHour: Paris’ “no discernible impact” on temperature, $100bn Green Climate Fund, US “cripples itself economically with regulations, and … pays the rest of the world for the privilege of doing so”; ACC on subsidized windmill nonprofits, Georgetown TX 100% green energy lie, JCD: “why do people want to believe in this so desperately?”, Eric Hoffer’s The True Believer, ACC on need for Rhode Island tidal wave
1:03:29Producer Segment: ACC on iPhone 4 and cocaine; “M5M”; cunt and “phallocentric age”
1:19:38ACC on Netflix algorithms, The Comedian with De Niro, daft Google Nest behavior, JCD: “I would take a sledgehammer to it”, Mimi’s smoke alarms whispering amongst themselves
1:26:33Megyn Kelly Putin interview, “don’t worry, be happy”, Putin on intel reports: “unclassified version is null and void, and who was your tailor?”, “no independent sources in this world”
1:34:35Putin on Merkel’s enduring grudge, Kelly spouts tech jargon, Putin: “your girl that is three year old can perpetrate such an attack”, “the Jews are to blame” Hillary parallel
1:44:33Kelly propagates “bots” meme, “high class in her profession”, US journalists meddling in Russian affairs, Putin on foiling second Syrian chemical attack and possible false flag
1:59:13JCD on JFK & mafia documentary; Mike Morell on issues to probe: document release conspiracy, Russian mob money laundering, Russian intelligence in administration, obstruction of justice, asking “reportedly, reportedly” for loyalty, Kushner rumor caveat
2:14:27Sally Yates the Elizabeth Warren sound-alike, JCD on sparrow milieux, Catherine Austin Fitts on Goldman Sachs insider Dina Habib Powell in on “seven Arabic countries in five years”
2:22:47Donation Segment
2:30:24John Sununu to Alisyn Camerota on “exaggeration of veniality” in media, “what do you think would be the motivation” for introducing Kushner to Russian banker, “how much crow are you going to eat?”; C-SPAN caller all-in on Trump; The View on two scoops of ice cream, no bueno; oversocialized comedians “boxed in”, Maher “I’m a house nigga”; right-wing version of Media Matters going after advertisers; Scott Adams: Trump should accept Griffin apology
2:52:59Maxine Waters: Russia determined presidency, @MaxineVVaters; DEA lied to Congress about civilian killings in Honduras; Kamala Harris aide in fake Knights Templar police force arrested
3:02:39Prison time for Penn State president; Carlson on “he’s gained weight according to sources”