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934 Weaponized Tech (2017-06-01)

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0:00:00JCD: (Russian accent) “Whooh, brewskis for everyone!” (0:49:48)
0:00:35More ACC address change adventures, United Airlines “verified by Visa” fail, AVS Address Verification System SmartyStreets, JCD on MSA Micro-Services Architecture “bill of goods”
0:09:20Kathy Griffin severed head stunt, Bill Maher firing parallel, unoffended “dingbat” on “people who are very hurt by this presidency”; Griffin “apology”; Trump “coverage” “covfefe” tweet
0:17:30Dimension B: Hillary at CodeCon with Kara Swisher and “Malt Wossberg”, e-mail server “very responsible and not at all careless” vs Comey “I think she was extremely negligent”, “the impeachment or… the driving out of office because he was about to be impeached, president” gaffe, 2016 election “the first time that you had the tech revolution really weaponized”, “Obama 3.0” communication vs “falsehoods, fake news, call it what you will”, “lies”, Facebook news and “as we now know, the one thousand Russian agents” NLP, “million” Twitter bots
0:33:45Hillary: “I inherit nothing from the Democratic Party … it was bankrupt, it was on the verge of insolvency, its data was mediocre to poor, nonexistent, wrong”, Romney ORCA poll monitoring tool, $100M data foundation; Cambridge Analytica “added something”, Robert Mercer investment, RNC merger conditions “you pick Steve Bannon and you pick Kellyanne Conway”, Russia “did it it through machine learning”, JCD on leftist bumper sticker “acreage”
0:47:40Hillary on stolen information used internally, Macedonia “guided by Americans”, Access Hollywood one-hour meme, Podesta e-mails “anodyne to boredom”, Infowars meme; Netflix right-wing documentaries, “Democrats aren’t putting their money there”, $284M ActBlue PAC; Swisher: “I don’t know if you’re a lizard or not”; Biden American Possibilities PAC
1:02:21Seth Rich’s other girlfriend Claudia Kash on two sets of polling places; “fake news boing” iso
1:10:14Producer Segment: “like a cow peeing on a flat rock”; ACC’s megaphone
1:24:39ICBM “mock-up” shoot-down exercise; Trump/Bush: idiots or evil geniuses?; Jeanine Pirro: “spare no resources” to find White House leakers; Roger Stone outs Dina Habib Powell
1:35:48MI5 investigating itself over Manchester bombing; new Ben Jacobs “body slam” account; journalist low-functioning brains article; The Guardian on Jacobs’ new specs, broken glasses donated to Newseum, JCD: “the head is next!”; Pulse nightclub police footage compilation
1:47:12Four THAAD systems snuck in under Moon Jae-in’s radar; Judy Woodruff’s breathing technique, controversy over Ivanka Trump’s Chinese shoe supplier; Scott “Poison” Pelley ousted; ACC on DH Unplugged messing with his sleep, short SBUX after CEO’s “the world is screwed up” leak; hysterical Katy Tur losing sleep over Trump’s Twitter account; “interesting” synonym list; media frenzy over Trump giving private phone number to world leaders
2:01:59Maxine Waters’ corpse fake eyelashes & nails,“you can’t impeach a woman of Congress”; UC Berkeley spends $57k to uncover Chancellor Nicholas Dirks’ $5k misuse of funds; producer message to RT’s Lionel, “No Agenda Sh… I like it when people say check out other shows
2:11:44Donation Segment
2:22:10Asher Edelman on Reagan’s 1987 Plunge Protection Group, VIX re-stabilized after election; JCD on inefficient check-mailing practices; Edelman muses about PPG market manipulation, “I don’t know when the plug gets pulled”, transaction records kept secret, ACC: “dark pool”
2:40:42Upcoming live-fire exercises and Kuwait buildup; 90 killed by Kabul truck bomb, German embassy damaged; Navy funding request for 66 new Tomahawk; Seven Days in May anniversary
2:46:55SJWs demand Sam Houston statue removal, “fascist media” COINTEL; Evergreen College LARPer compilation; The View “Clinton & Clinton” bumper stickers; new Cougar Club LA