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933 Learn Russian! (2017-05-28)

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0:00:00JCD: He’s the God of Hell fire.“ (0:36:15)
0:00:32Mattress sales and SJW outrage over Confederate Memorial Day vs North’s Decoration Day
0:03:16Commencement: UT Austin’s most popular majors; cheers for lozenges & water at Hillary’s Wellesley speech, “my mother said you have to stick it out”; NewsHour on “searing critique” of Trump administration; Hillary on Nixon’s “impeachment for obstruction of justice” vs CBS “resigned before the House could impeach him”; John F. Kerry stand-up at Harvard Kennedy School: “with this administration I’d say, buy Rosetta Stone and learn Russian”
0:17:04Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard: “you get successful by being lucky, too”, JCD on Obama “you didn’t build that” meme, Zuckerberg: “we should explore ideas like Universal Basic Income”
0:28:08Michael “hockey stick graph” Mann appropriates Martin Niemöller at Green Mountain College, Trump Hitler meme, misquotes “my good friend Bill Nye … change the world!”, “97-99% of the scientific community”, ACC on “the science” meme, “inconvenient implications” for fossil fuel industry, ACC: “where’s my Rex checks?”
0:38:18G7 in Sicily, US not in on Paris agreement, terrorism commitment; Theresa May on internet censorship “vital agenda”, intel leak needle for Trump; Spot the Spook: Bryan Dean Wright to Tucker Carlson, deep breath, agencies “weaponizing political information”, “do you want to sign up for that”, ACC: “oh, he’s in the recruitment division”, security clearance retention, polygraph the politicians; JCD on China shooting CIA; Andrew Napolitano on FISA Court rebuke for Obama administration mass surveillance, “there’s no sting to the rebuke”
0:51:43New York Post story “how team Obama tried to hack the election”, Sinclair’s Circa News and threatened Fox clone, Hannity vacation, JCD on Sinclair’s opposition to digital switch
0:59:20Producer Segment: ACC’s Instacart addictive Oreo “sleeves”
1:10:12Evergreen College student takeover, demand for all whites to leave campus, professor Bret Weinstein: “would you like to hear the answer or not?”, “no!!”, to Tucker Carlson: campus police blocked from main entrance, threat of violence, stand-down order from president George Bridges, “barricaded in the campus police station”, Dvorak family Evergreen alumni; ACC on O-bot token Pakistani friends, JCD on “flamer” loudmouth, “screwballs that need to be rounded up and expelled”, experimental grade-less liberal arts college
1:23:20The Campus Rape Frenzy’s Stuart Taylor on Duke lacrosse hoax “guilt-presuming rush-to-judgment mob”, Gender Violence Intervention Service Coordinator Sheila Broderick: “you and I know he’s responsible”; University of Wyoming sexual assault definition: “anything less than voluntary, sober, enthusiastic, verbal, non-coerced, continual, active, and honest consent”, ACC: “if it’s not great, it’s rape”, 20% lie vs 1% truth, “fraudulent” surveys; Obama administration University of Montana “blueprint” on unwelcome “speech of a sexual nature”; Kafkaesque campus hearings, Buzzkill Jr.’s escape by marriage; Kirsten Gillibrand campus safety claim debunked, Clinton/Jarrett “epidemic” claim debunked; 2013 Amherst oral sex while passed out case cut off by C-SPAN (CotD); ACC “consent amulet”
1:40:50Classic 2008 Maxine Waters on trying and failing to read bills; Evergreen College Noodle Boy
1:46:48Terror Laptop of Doom: DHS’ John Kelly on “relentless” push to blow up airplanes in flight, “reinforce” security globally; potential ban for all international flights, “full of US folks, people”, “new technologies down the road”, ACC: “new gear coming!”, JCD on useless “puffer”
1:55:04British Airways grounded due to “power supply” outage, Raritan DCTrack, ACC: “glitch!”; Thomson Airways freaks over Wi-Fi hotspot “Jihadi”; fun vs boring SSID names
2:01:50Bloodthirsty Wonder Woman’s Gal Godot: “she’s all about … love and compassion and acceptance”, JCD on studios targeting bored middle-aged women; Hitler meme
2:08:45Google and user-tracking retail ultrasonic beacon apps, ACC’s ultrasonic CW app, JCD on psychographics, ACC: “I’m gonna get me a service dog”, JCD on Las Vegas Wynn perfumery
2:14:45Donation Segment
2:24:40Donald Rumsfeld on The View Watergate talking points: “a stretch”, “why do you want to engage in hypotheticals?”, “because it could become a reality”, “you’re taking a leap from another country horsing around in our business, and collusion, and there is an enormous difference!”, Sunny Hostin: “if there is collusion, isn’t that an impeachable offense?”
2:28:49Zbigniew Brzezinski dead at 89; Ben Jacobs “body slam” furor, sweetened CBS “and you’re forgiven!” to Greg Gianforte apology, ACC: “dishonest journalism”, JCD on CBS non-sequitur answers, “bullet riddled target” for media, ACC taken in by “I called media fake news the enemy of the people”; MSNBC considers how much blame do dole out to Trump with “Constitutionally-protected form of engagement in our society”, Joe Scarborough “Fox News reporters verifying that” lie, “Stalinist term enemy of the people
2:43:31WaPo “conservative blogger” Jennifer Rubin: “there is a cost to continually berating the media”, “the fish rots from the head”; JCD: DNC unable to prevent Greg Gianforte from winning, DNC Chair Tom Perez, Ready for Hillary started way too soon; lone conservative Ben Ferguson explodes CNN sexabox heads with Obama and Anthony Weiner parallel
2:51:36Major Garrett laments lack of press conferences with US press during Trumps travels; Nancy Pelosi on Trump’s unalphabetized travel destinations; on Trump talking to “director of the FBI, or the DNI … or the NRA person”
2:55:19Identical Mr. Rogers story all over media with Entertainment Weekly’s Anthony Breznican