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932 Roundly Debunked (2017-05-25)

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0:00:00JCD: “He looks like a constipated turtle.” (1:21:56)
0:00:34TtK’s partial thyroidectomy, JCD cyst saga, ACC: doctor “said you have a rockin’ body”
0:04:33Dimension B: CBS “breaking news” on discredited “possibly” Russian Lynch-Clinton document and Comey’s announcement of no charges, “I can’t talk about that in an unclassified setting”, JCD on Killian documents fiasco; skateboarder Don Lemon claims “dislikes job” meme on Conan, “what level spray tan is it”, “I don’t think he’s allowed in the sun either”
0:19:30Jimi Hendrix “excuse me while I kiss this guy” effect, Lagarde “white tea” error; Melania “hand-swat” hysteria, Lemon: “there was a bug on my hand”; Rachel Maddow DoJ “he’s a Russian agent!” whisper, “a million contacts” with Russia (CotD); Blake Farenthold “violates the narrative” with DNC insider, control room irresponsible internet rumors prompt, “as if there’s a there there”; CBC control room full of researchers, Tom Brokejaw’s mastery
0:38:35Debbie Wasserman Schultz threatens D.C. Police over “lost” laptop stolen by Awan gang
0:42:314chan Seth Rich doctor post revisited, cardiologist producer all-in; Fox muzzles Hannity’s “debunked” coverage; unexplained WikiLeaks reward & funeral, Kim Dotcom; Fox “high degree of editorial scrutiny” unridiculed by MSNBC; CBS on “sensational conspiracy theory”
0:53:34PBS “false news”: Seth Rich “baseless conspiracy theory”, Rod Wheeler “miscommunication”, Gingrich unleashed, Alexios Mantzarlis: “basic journalistic principles weren’t met, right?”, Rich family’s WaPo statement, “avalanche of conspiracy theories”, “roundly debunked”
1:04:32Andrew Napolitano on Obama administration admitting illegal unmaskings: FISA “chastised the NSA for spying without warrants”, FISA “enabler of the NSA”, “six degrees of separation” or 330M people, ACC: “so they did wiretap!”; PBS “word has leaked” on Trump-Duterte transcript; ACC: market “one big short”, JCD on fake impeachment strategy until 2018 and 2020; The Guardian’s Ben Jacobs “body slammed” by Montana candidate Greg Gianforte
1:18:03Mike Flynn and Contempt of Congress only applying to questions of legislation, Comey’s “contemporaneous notes” while meeting with Trump; “constipated turtle” Adam Schiff
1:22:18Producer Segment: ACC “digital hoarder of the highest order”; ACC’s Podcaster Pro
1:37:58Manchester Arena suicide bombing, attacker of Libyan descent, “sophisticated device”, Hollywood “throwing her body on her niece as the bomb exploded”, “the extra security reassured Michelle Calvert” vs “that’s the British way, isn’t it, we just get on with things, really”; CNN: surviving bomb maker “around to buy, to make another bomb”, ex-CIA Valley girl Tara Maller; Michael Weiss on bombs from “Afghanistan or Germany”
1:54:36ACC: identity established because “when these vests go off, the head pops off … completely intact”, JCD on Watergate and Maller the botcher; insincere Hillary “love not hate” dig; Jake Wallis Simons “he’s a jerk” to Tucker Carlson, arrogant “honoured at the Webbys” self-bio
2:07:0738% decline in Facebook likes after fake account purge, request for FBI investigation
2:08:55Donation Segment: 2017 bond crash 1937, 1977, or 1857 fractal
2:18:18Second Half of Show: Marilyn Monroe Unacknowledged; Nixon shows Jackie Gleason aliens
2:25:38Culturally appropriative restaurants in Portland; Ben & Jerry’s bans same-flavor marriage
2:29:20Low water levels in Cape Coral canals; TtK $1,437 bill in pre-op; Trump blamed for Obamacare rate hikes; “voices saying” Russia backed Deutsche Bank loans for Trump; Gene Dodaro on post-2003 $1.2T in improper federal payments, Medicare & Medicaid cited
2:43:03JCD Campus Rape Frenzy teaser; Trump’s Saudi “glowing orb”, all-in on Wahabism; Maxine Waters defends Bill Clinton against “partisan impeachment”, “Republican coup d’état”