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930 Off Script (2017-05-18)

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0:00:00ACC: “Oh yes, MP3 is dead, it’s dead, it’s officially killed, it’s dead!” (2:45:30)
0:00:37JCD Miss USA 2017 coverage delayed; ACC watches Dick film, “if you go online and you search for movie, Dick, this is not a good search term”
0:03:02Hillary’s Hit List: Roger Ailes dead at 77, Sean Hannity: “we’re being monitored … in the hopes of taking all of us out”, Senator Thom Tillis collapses; CBS: Trump “doubting his top advisors”, Kevin McCarthy “bad attempt at humor” on Putin payroll after discovery of “audio tape”; CIA media saturation, James Woolsey on Don Lemon; Dennis Kucinich on intelligence agencies “trying to upend Trump with leaks; Morning Joe on Trump ”running around screaming at television sets“; ”off script“ with Russians meme
0:15:39Stephen Cohen to Tucker Carlson: narrative from Clinton camp which “wants to say I, Clinton, won but Putin stole it from me” and “fourth branch of government” intelligence services, Obama-era Russia alliance sabotaged by DoD; Judge Napolitano on CIA Supreme Court surveillance; declassified CIA report on media openness plan: “preserve the mystique”, “persuaded reporters to postpone, change, hold, or even scrap stories”; rogue CIA “Safari Club”; breaking news: Times Square mayhem; Erik Prince to Tucker Carlson: “the left loved the USSR”, Democrat “party of lynch mobs and Jim Crow laws”
0:31:30Special counsel Mueller; JCD’s journalist friends giddy about “the I-word”; American University professor to Deutsche Welle: “we should think creatively … about what we can do to solve this problem”, Constitutional Amendment; Allan Lichtman: “don’t even get me started on how the Trump team deals with the Holocaust”, ICC “crimes against the environment”
0:42:12CNN’s Kate Bolduan triggered by Navy SEAL Carl Higbee “name those people”, “you cannot attack the stellar reporters of CNN!”; Comey memo on Trump trying to shut down Hillary Russia investigation, felony for not disclosing obstruction of justice; Senate Intelligence Committee requests all of Comey’s notes, Judge Napolitano: Mueller will keep them away from public eye, Jason Chaffetz hoping for Comey hearing “as early as next week”, Mueller’s credentials “unassailable”; Mueller’s tenure from just before 9/11 and term extension
0:55:52Jeff Pegues CBS Mueller backgrounder, ACC: “does this guy have to take an unbelievable dump or what?”, “before that he led the US investigation of the Pan Am 103 bombing in 1988” (CotD); Pan Am 103 mention in Adam Curtis’ Hypernormalization
1:00:20Maxine Waters pounding the impeachment drum for her millennials, JCD on Trump’s declassification authority; MSNBC Chris Hayes Watergate promo, Yale professor Tim Snyder: “loyalty is a way you take a rule of law state like ours off the rails”, Hitler parallel, “private security detail” and SS (CotD); David Gregory: “journalism matters”, Obama “make him fail” meme; MSNBC’s Julia Ihofe on declassification authority “spin on the story”, fighting alongside Russia “not at all true”; Chris Matthews all-in on media “tradecraft” and CIA
1:13:45White House shill Doug Weed on Chinese money for Hillary, Don Lemon: “let’s get this back on track”, plays clueless about Andrew McCabe, “firing of Coma”, Roger Ailes’ induced coma
1:20:22Producer Segment: proposed nicknames for JCD’s grandson
1:37:35RT on Israel as intelligence source, Richard Engel’s claim that nothing besides explosive laptops was discussed with Lavrov, possible CIA buttslamming pullback, Israeli Unit 8200 theories; CBS on ISIS laptop bombs developed at Mosul University tested with airport screening equipment (BCotD); Podesta joined Washington Post in February, Operation Mockingbird
1:50:46Rep. Al Green calls for impeachment, Elijah Cummings on subpoena for Trump smartphone “tape”, “we need to know who’s telling the troof and who’s lying”; Julia Ioffe born in Moscow, fired from Politico for “fucking his daughter” tweet, “setback”
1:59:06The View’s Sunny Hostin on Comey memo: “he wrote it down!”, JCD story: air pollution district note-taker’s rubber timestamp; Philip Mudd’s “pacifier and a rattle” revisited
2:05:19Correction: fen-phen has nothing to do with fentanyl; police overdose from skin contact, “weapon of mass destruction”; failed Kony 2012 outfit Invisible Children $50M in expenditures
2:12:17Donation Segment
2:23:38Radiolab segment on Cold War Harvard psychological stress experiment on Ted Kaczynski
2:30:12Rod Wheeler on Seth Rich murder investigation: police told to stand down, Google DKIM checksums; stumbling lawyer argues against Trump travel ban in Honolulu District Court
2:42:04Franhaufer IIS suspends MP3 licensing program, “dead” meme, FLAC & Ogg Vorbis name mystery; Associated Press Social Media Platform Manager SAM only incorporating tweets from verified users; Last Man Standing cancelled in spite of high ratings, Steve Harvey pilloried for “keep out of my dressing room” memo to staff
2:49:52Screaming anti-Trump woman at Western Washington University, “this is what happens when you don’t take your meds”, Invasion of the Body Snatchers; University of Guelph student group apologizes for “hurtful transphobic lyrics” from Lou Reed’s Take a Walk on the Wild Side; Aric the Shill’s birthday