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929 Sologamy (2017-05-14)

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0:00:00ACC: “Marry yourself in Canada offers consulting and wedding photography.” (2:42:35)
0:00:35Portugal wins Eurovision Song Contest; ACC’s iPad mini screen crack; Mother’s Day microaggressions; 1980s proto-Seth, grandson Theodore “Theo” Smith Christenson-Dvorak, “T3”, baby picture for next Newsletter; top baby names Emma & Noah, #4 Mason, “Mason Jar”
0:17:19Robotic advisor Tom Bossert on cybersecurity Executive Order, NIST Framework, Snowden blames NSA for ransomware leaked by “Shadow Brokers”; MalwareTech CEO to CNN on WannaCry “massive cyberattack”, no Windows XP patch, “pew pew pew” attack map
0:32:12Ex-CIA Philip Mudd to CNN on Trump “threatening the FBI”, Tim Neftali: “20th century banana republic”; JCD “out of office within 100 days” wager, 25th Amendment panel of “medical experts”; Jason Johnson: “this is how democracy dies, and that’s not hyperbole”, ACC: “it is exactly hyperbole!”, “clarion call” to Congress, “Constitutional and sovereignty crisis”; Bob Schieffer on Watergate, Lee Harvey Oswald trial preventing conspiracy theories
0:45:07Spot-on SNL parody of Morning Joe, Mika Brzezinski repeated “and tomorrow there’ll be something new” teleprompter flub, John Heilemann: “there’s a cover-up going on”; media “Constitutional crisis” montage, “dark day in our democracy”; Facebag “this is treason!”, Joy Behar on Trump speaking to Russian delegation: “this is treason to me”, bug-planting rumor
0:55:48Adam Schiff to Bill Maher: “if there was no there there, James Comey would still have a job”, Maher on Kislyak’s Android phone, Schiff limited resources pitch; Sally Yates misuses “fulsome” in testimony; Trump “ice cream gate”, Gayle King: “he’s a big guy” fat shaming
1:12:57Producer Segment
1:24:17RT on police officer Stephen Mader fired for not shooting suicidal black man
1:29:54Troop buildup in Kuwait, “gray death” fentanyl mix dangerous to first responders; NewsHour on Jeff Sessions resurrecting war on drugs, prison population decrease under Obama, Obama & Bush drug czars blame states rights, heroin epidemic “killing more Americans than all gun and automobile accidents combined”; ACC: flood market with cheap heroin to keep people off synthetics, JCD on fentanyl’s rapid onset and short duration,
1:57:42Korean President Moon Jae-in willing to reconsider THAAD deployment, “Democratic Ninja Party”, paid for by US taxpayers; North Korean missile launch, “banned ballistic missiles”, protest letter to Congress over new sanctions
2:05:40Donation Segment: SiriusXM Beatles Channel
2:16:28Cathy Areu to Tucker Carlson on calling breastfeeding “natural”, “lactation specialists”, bonehead woman starving baby to avoid formula, JCD: “it’s like she’s flirting with him”; ACC on three feminism waves: suffrage, “we hate men”, and obligation to educate straight white males; Confederate flag woman Heather Franklin on educational mission, employees to be disciplined
2:31:19ACC: tiny house movement “poverty appropriation”; University of Arizona Brownshirt social justice advocate positions 15 hours per week
2:32:55Adam Curtis documentary Hypernormalization on Eliza chatbot, preference for interacting self-mirroring technology, “selfie generation”, “the more selfies, the more unsure you are in life”, Blair Witch Project; Japanese “rental family” businesses
2:41:28“Sologamy” self-marryiage trend, JCD: “nuts, is how I’d pronounce it”,
2:43:19Possible extension of airline laptop ban to Europe; woman “forced to pee in a cup” by United Airlines; CBS all-in on Mike Rogers for FBI; Helena Humphrey on G7 meeting in Italy; Christine Lagarde at Beijing Belt and Road Forum seemingly using “tea” as code for heroin