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927 Meme Fumes (2017-05-07)

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0:00:00JCD: “Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhenen!” (2:12:34)
0:00:35JCD on grandson: “I think they want the kids to name themselves … then choose their gender”
0:03:46French election, “worry-wart”, WikiLeaks Emmanuel Macron rumors, Obama endorsement: “the success of France matters to the whole world”, “En Marche, vive la France!”; NewsHour anti-le Pen piece in poor area all-in on EU, “marketing executive” interview
0:15:05American Healthcare Act, ACC: “the public is running on meme fumes”, JCD: Comey announcement smokescreen for Obamacare premium increases; “fierce opposition” and singing from House Democrats, “shame on you!” protest, Biden tweet: “day of shame”, Pelosi: “you have every provision of this bill tattooed on your forehead”, “na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye” chant; Josh Earnest: “most unpopular president in American history”; Krauthammer: preexisting condition clause “absolutely sacrosanct”, going in direction of single-payer
0:27:27Jimmy Kimmel monologue on newborn son: “no parent should ever have to decide if they can afford to save their child’s life”; Xeni Jardin talks cancer to Chris Hayes: “this isn’t the America that I love”, “original sin” and “killing Peter to pay Paul” religious memes; “no limiting access to coverage for individuals with preexisting conditions” section; producers on unaffordable rates for high-risk patients, Dimension B interprets “access” as dollar cost
0:41:51ACC on 28 cents on the dollar reimbursement, Obamacare EMRs electronic medical records subsidized if 33% of patience are on Medicare, $7 office visit reimbursement, popularity of “concierge medicine”; ACC on Dutch socialized medicine, ziekenfondsbril glasses
0:54:33Cecile Richards on Planned Parenthood “defunding”: “chaos for women in America”, mission statement “comprehensive reproductive and complementary healthcare services”
0:59:39New School vice president of social justice Maya Wiley to Maher: Republicans “not actually reflecting a lot of their constituents”, Maher: “one side thought that black people were farm equipment that could sing”, 80k votes meme; JCD on anti-Hillary media meme; Florida “no malpractice insurance” signs; Pfizer RxPathways, JCD: 2018 meme
1:15:08Producer Segment: Clucludio jingle
1:26:45Tucker Carlson jingle, opening tongue click, Carlson calls Dave Weigel a coward; Carlson’s boring new opening editorial, ACC on dreaded consultant with Brooks Brothers suit, Fox reorganizing; Charlie Rose interviewing journalists, The Hill’s Amie Parnes on Hillary’s options: “she will always be the smartest woman in the room”; Sarah Huckabee’s Napolitano cadence
1:43:39JCD: “Napolitano’s got her tit in the wringer”, audit finds $180M stashed away at UC
1:47:49Bad reporting on dropping of rape charges against illegal immigrant teens; Kars4Kids diverting most of money to Orthodox Jewish charity Oorah (CotD), ACC gives them a call, bogus, ACC’s Range Rover, “and I’m now an honorary Jew”
1:57:28Donation Segment: MAUGA tour route debate over Perth; two-year anniversary jingle
2:24:14Tech News: Richard Stallman on free software co-opted by “open-source”, GPL “shim” dodge
2:32:50SJW “Latinx” replacement for Latin{o,a}, “this is the catcall, and I’m calling this shit out”
2:35:39Saudi woman Dina Ali Lasloom fleeing to Australia kidnapped by family and authorities in the Philippines, JCD on Saudi chicken restaurant chain
2:43:33RT on UK government seeking backdoor access to encrypted communications within 24 hours; Kermit the Frog Russia Connection jingle; Bundeswehr neo-Nazis, Franco-German brigade, JCD: “Fourth Reich”; Sochi Merkel-Putin meeting, “persecuted gay community in Chechnya”
2:53:01Eighteen zika cases in Texas; failed biochemical assassination attempt on Kim Jong Yum Yum