Call Clooney!

926 GREP (2017-05-04)

Show 926 album art
0:00:00JCD: “A friend, of Dorothy.” (2:23:44)
0:00:57“Epinode niner-two-six” restart, ACC’s closet “cludio”, real air conditioning; Gates & Buffet Grand Canyon private train car bridge-playing journey
0:06:03Insider information on Christianne Amanpour Hillary interview, Hillary always late, accidental intercom “clippety-clop”, #SheBringsPeace, “were you a victim of misogyny?”, white “security moms”, equal pay day, head-tilting chin-raise gesture, James Comey and “Russian WikiLeaks”, “barrage of negativity”, “leading in the early vote”
0:25:21Hillary: “so much inequity”, “places most likely to either catalyze or protect terrorism”; Saudi Arabia voted onto UN women’s rights council; Whoopi Goldberg disallows mention of Hillary’s lying on The View, “whitelash”, “twenty percent of people voted because of racism”, Sunny Hostin: “she was the most qualified candidate for president that we’ve ever had”
0:37:52NYT op-ed blames “smug liberal media” Samantha Bee for Hillary’s loss, hysterical laugh, “we make a show for ourselves, we put it out in the world, we birth it”; Stephen Colbert: “the only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cock-holster”, “mocks gay intimacy” backlash; rumors of Jimmy Fallon as high-functioning alcoholic
0:51:54John Dickerson Trump interview, “I don’t stand by anything” on wiretap, afraid of dead air, “I think it’s a very big surveillance of our citizens”, Tony Robbins and pace-setting
1:00:18Producer Segment
1:05:10State Department policy decoupled from human rights, Hitler “cookin’ Jews”, competing with China in Africa; Trump on meeting Kim Jong-un: “I would be honored to do it”; Global Hawk drone sent to Yokota Air Base; 50k South Koreans protest THAAD; RT: US “very keen to promote Japan’s re-militarization”, JCD: “are we nuts?”; South Korean teens seeking vote
1:19:07Prince Philip retires; CNBC wise-ass responds to “come back any time” with “like, tomorrow?”
1:21:09Neil deGrasse Tyson calls on climate change deniers to travel back in time and scold Abraham Lincoln, drinking Lincoln pee analogy, deniers of “certain scientific truths” smart phone false equivalency, Beyoncé twin naming suggestions, bonehead caller lauds Tyson’s “humility”
1:34:34Katy Perry black hair Obama comment; Mastodon #CW content warning for mac & cheese pics
1:39:04EU meddling in British snap election, €100bn Brexit price tag; fireworks at French election debate; Nigel Farage on EU courting Northern Ireland; May calls out Brussels
1:54:16CPB president testifies about “forward funding”, 15% of budget, no mention of advertising
2:00:33Donation Segment
2:15:37NYT op-ed calls Asian salad menu items culturally appropriative; gender-inclusive language guide for reproductive health care workers, “how’s mom feeling today?”, “gestational parent”
2:23:15Phrase from the Chaise: “a friend of Dorothy” code for gay man
2:24:28US deployment to Iraq on Russian merchant ships; Putin on policy of not interfering in foreign politics; Trump and Putin to meet in Germany
2:27:30James Comey on Hillary’s BlackBerry e-mails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop, “speak” vs “conceal”, “Lordy, that would be really bad”, expedited review “thanks to the wizardry of our technology”, ACC: “grep”, “mildly nauseous” microaggression, “then-spouse Huma Abedin”
2:38:59Mountain View housing prices, people living in RVs and cars, ACC on Bonaire slave huts, “unicorn toast” fad; infomercial: “just pay a separate fee” for “free” second unit
2:48:47TSA warning about truck ramming attacks; inevitable single payer (JCDPPotD), Cory Booker: bill “will mean death, pain, and suffering”; truckers want Trump to raise gas tax for road repair