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924 Golden Bozos (2017-04-27)

Show 924 album art
0:00:00JCD: “I’m YouTubing!” (1:08:10)
0:00:31ACC’s Mastodon two-factor git pull, late-breaking trademark symbol
0:03:59New State Department spokeshole Heather Nauert, low bar for new administration; Senators bussed to North Korea briefing; media Nauert-bullying prediction
0:11:47Google to “retool” algorithms to demote fake news, WikiTribune, media’s “fake news” blunder; TMZ’s Harvey Levin excoriated for Trump meeting; contradictory regional WaPo headlines
0:21:26The View urges Caitlyn Jenner to run for office, JCD: “she likes his voice”; Chris Matthews still beating Romanov dead horse, “they don’t wanna say nothin’” to Kushner, Uday & Qusay; Mika walks off set over Joe’s “you don’t have to be so snotty” with Bobby Kennedy parallel; Hillary’s hit list and Chelsea-Ivanka rivalry, JCD on “brutal” Vanity Fair Chelsea takedown
0:32:20Queen Máxima on G20 Women’s Summit, “scattered jeers” for Ivanka’s “tremendous champion of supporting families”; Happy Queen’s Day; Maxine Waters defends Trump boycott to Tucker Carlson, “I think it’s in the best interests of my constituents to get rid of him”
0:40:44Drain the Swamp author Ken Buck on being indoctrinated, stratospheric committee dues “a way to coerce members to vote as lobbyists and special interests want you to vote” (CotD)
0:52:29Drunk or not drunk Nancy Pelosi: “the strong moral varce… voice of Refugees International”, “Yuma… Yemen”, “thank you for challing… challenging us”
0:55:16Hannity accuser backpedaling, black Fox employees forced to arm wrestle, O’Reilly podcast microaggression, Wigdor LLP’s Jeanne Christensen; YouTube wacko on time traveling Trump
1:02:26Producer Segment: producer Justin co-writer of Phoenix Forgotten film
1:13:47Princeton physicist compares Paris climate agreement to Munich Agreement, Bill Nye warns about tariffs; Nye’s new Netflix show, awful Rachel Bloom “my vagina has its own voice” song My Sex Junk, “did you learn gay in college?”; Hamilton ticket Ponzi scheme
1:29:34Phrase from the Chaise: “jag-off”, “sit there like a ruptured duck”, “lump on a log”
1:32:45FaceApp apologizes for “racist” neural network in “hotness” filter, Snapchat “yellowface” filter, Chrome plug-in “Soothe”; Facebook topless photo takedown response: “she identifies as a man”, War Room “breast” synonym list, “golden bozos”; Down’s syndrome victim Mikayla Holmgren to compete in Miss Minnesota, potentially Miss USA pageants, Harrison Bergeron
1:44:44Bulgarian weapons showing up with al-Nusra in Syria, “nine warehouses full of heavy weapons”, passing through Saudi Arabia; Amanpour on Europe’s post-election “huge sigh of relief”, Le Pen beats Macron to Whirlpool factory, Macron’s wife 25 years older, ACC “beard” theory
1:58:56New Hungarian law vs Soros’ Central European University, Soros’ Holocaust reminiscences
2:02:13iHeartMedia now up to $24bn in debt, JCD on buying radio stations, Nick the Rat on stream
2:06:10Donation Segment: Show 925 “nine to five” gimmick; JCD kombucha warning
2:16:57USPACOM’s Harris not certain North Korea “is not going to attack South Korea or Japan”, former ambassador: “treaty-bound” to defend South Korea, “threat to our lives”; Harris on Carl Vinson Strike Group missile defense, “if it flies it will die”; Newt Gingrich: “he killed his girlfriend and her entire band”; Harris on “small-diameter bomb” shortage, $287k each, JCD: “you could drop Ferraris on the enemy and save money”; Gingrich: “two parallel universes”
2:38:29Adam Schiff on nonstop Russian hacking, only defense to “reject it”; Maxine Waters speculates about Jason Chaffetz’ resignation; Mike Flynn “red flags” bullcrap; Flynn’s security clearance renewal “pain in the ass”, $400k Obama speech; potential Writers’ Guild strike
2:53:22Chicago Airport Police vehicles downgraded to “Security” after United Airlines incident