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923 Terror Put (2017-04-23)

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0:00:00ACC: “Hey, y’know what happend to me?” (laughter) (0:52:31)
0:00:33Austin’s KAZI Earth Day antics; Austin divorce lawyer Becky Beaver Facebag post on March for Science veers straight into anti-Comey politics; giggling girls with unicorn hats screaming for Bill Nye; CBS interviews “climate realist” Heartland Institute’s Joe Bast, waves and floods B-roll, predictable Trump clip; CBS on climate change lawsuit by 21 schoolchildren, JCD: “we own the children”, “Constitutional right to a healthy planet”; scientific reproducibility crisis
0:18:55Bill Nye twists US Constitution: Article 1 Section 8 “refers to promoting the progress of science and useful arts” ignoring copyright, slips in “engineering”, “our numbers here today show the world that science is for all, science must shape policy!” Luciferized, “save the world
0:25:50No French election results yet; San Francisco power outages, JCD’s trip to wine shop in midst of outage, dog walkers’ electronic locks on the fritz, Slack institutional central point of failure
0:30:31Brian Williams: “not comfortable” to call Champs Élysé shooting terrorism as Trump did, Jeremy Bash: “the White House is gonna have some explaining to do”
0:34:08ACC on “100% hate show”; no civil war in Venezuela because populace is completely disarmed; Rachel Maddow: Venezuelans rioting because Maduro donated $500k to Trump campaign
0:38:44Bill O’Reilly hits bottom as podcaster; JCD reviled for Chinese Zodiac analysis; Gloria Allred’s daughter Lisa Bloom “representing” Wendy Walsh, “I didn’t even know that I could report as a job applicant”, turning down O’Reilly at New York hotel, “you can forget all the career advice I gave you”, Walsh took job anyway; Mastodon JCD detractor’s “I kind of miss flirting in the workplace”; Lawrence O’Donnell on Walsh being “guided” to tell story, “that boot that kicked Bill O’Reilly out the door was on Lisa Bloom’s foot”, advertisers dropping like flies
0:54:08Bloom: “I think the plan went flawlessly”, “very scared” meme; “hot chocolate” protest, Soros-funded Color of Change, Dustin Moskovitz’ Asana, $20M for Hillary campaign, ACC: Hillary’s revenge, Morning Joe: Hannity’s next; O’Reilly’s pass at Walsh part of business meeting
1:08:23Federal investigation into settlements paid as salary, advertisers — not viewers — at issue
1:12:14Producer Segment: producer tip: avoid unlimited vacation setups
1:23:53Nazi scalp girl Louise “Venus” Rosealma “solo performance”; Mastodon “fediverse”, #dudebros label for, server exclusion unavailable to individuals, ACC: “they want to be harassed … they want to be able to point and shriek”, primary/secondary/tertiary morbid gain from victimhood, war over Eugen Rochko’s Patreon money, monetary compensation for emotional distress in US law, ACC: “they don’t even know they’re lying”
1:38:04Female SCotUS interruptions revisited; University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson on Bill C-16: “I don’t believe that other people have the right to determine what language I use, especially when it’s backed by punitive legislation”, SJWs all female, Suffragette hypocrisy
1:51:20Roger Ailes the main Fox problem all along, Paula Zahn having none of it; Ailes playing Beck against O’Reilly; Debbie Schlussel accuses Hannity of hotel room pass
1:56:42Anus-mouthed Tucker Carlson all-in on right-winger Tammy Bruce on students “effectively not having to pay for it”, “federal loans paid for with American tax dollars”, Clemson $38k staff diversity course on “racist” expectations of punctuality (CotD), ACC on MTV acting coach, JCD on interviewing Luo guy for anthropology course
2:13:39CBS on 4/20 day, John Kelly federal marijuana crackdown warning, Hickenlooper on “cash and guns”, worries that “not enough studies have been conducted” on teenagers who can’t buy it anyway; Danny the drug dealer on California Wild West; JCD on well-defended Washington “compounds”; University of Sydney on fat cell THC/CDB storage for exercise, ACC: “spin class, no wonder I’m so healthy!
2:21:40Donation Segment: ACC’s radio power supply fails smoke test
2:33:20Trump skipping White House Correspondents’ Dinner, comedian Hassan Minhaj; Macron and Le Pen out front in French election
2:37:35DHS New Jersey Gotham Shield 17 “improvised nuclear device” exercise, “Staunch Maple”
2:39:40“Journalist” Arwa Damon to Bill Maher: “we cannot stop fighting for these basic humanitarian principles”, Damon’s “history of becoming intoxicated and abusive”, lawsuit by bitten EMTs, “she has good teeth, eventually they subdued her” (CotD), North Korea threatening Australia
2:43:51“Racis’” Jeff Sessions “island in the Pacific” reference to Hawaiian travel ban judge, “still 50 stars on the flag”; DH Unplugged “terror put”, Borussia Dortmund bomber’s put options
2:47:41Berkeley un-cancels Ann Coulter speech, Free Speech Movement “born at this campus gate”, JCD: “I think they’re gonna kill her”, “Hillary’s hit list”: Hannity, Carlson, Gowdy, Comey, Sessions, Chaffetz, Assange, Snowden
2:52:37Podcast license for Bill O’Reilly; Michael Savage “hero or traitor” Assange nonsense; fully-recovered Glenn Greenwald on DoJ going after Assange and investigative journalism; furor over Gayle King’s Tahiti vacation with the Obamas
2:57:37“He’s unhinged/he’s not nice” iso referring to Kim Jong Yum Yum