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921 Bagels & Bins (2017-04-16)

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0:00:00ACC: “Yes, yes! I’m telling you!”
0:00:37Easter “he is risen”, JCD on Easter bunny hare from 1600s, White House Easter egg roll; violent demonstrations in Berkeley, “some eggs and bagels were tossed from one side to the other”, “hundred Nazi scalps” poster punched, BPD spokeshole on “trying to limit the weapons that people had when they’re having their peaceful demonstration”; ACC on Dutch anarchists
0:17:18Barbara Starr MOAB report, chuckling Pentagon spokeshole: “if you’re alive afterwards you’re gonna have perforated eardrums”, in place since January, local: “last night’s bomb was really huge!”; CIA caves, mineral deposits; Russian FOAB; same local on Deutsche Welle report; RT on “inert nuclear gravity bomb” test, 9k mph railgun projectiles, TNT tons vs kilotons
0:34:33North Korean “defiant misfire” missile test, long-range ballistic missiles on parade; Deutsche Welle expert frets over Trump provocation; possible nuclear test on Kim Il-sung anniversary, David Martin on Kadena Air Base prepping F-15s, Mattis being diplomatic; electric grid and cyberattack meme, DARPA project to “gin up” alternate network if “grid is fried”; JCD on saber rattling vs reunification, post-Park South Korean weapons “buyer”
0:52:16Aleppo car bomb kills 100 “evacuees”, Swedish Doctors for Human Rights chairman on bogus White Helmets gas attack videos published simultaneously with al-Nusra; Aleppo Twitter girl Bana al-Abed the arms dealer: “F-35 is best multirole fighter”; Assad: US “hand in glove with the terrorists”, story “100% for us it’s fabricated”
1:01:18WSJ’s Bret Stephens on Obama covering up Syrian “cheating” on agreement, Tony Blinken on gaps in declared Syrian stockpile, “virtually all the statements, heh” iso, JCD on MiniScribe brick fiasco; ACC proposes Melania-Asma summit at Paris salon
1:15:59Producer Segment: employer bans “racist” brown bag lunches, DJ Danny Bonaduce
1:38:27Jeffrey Lord: Trump “the Martin Luther King of healthcare”, Symone Sanders’ “people who look like me” meme; Lord in quad box with the POCs, Don Lemon: “we are telling you that that comparison was insulting, and you’re ignoring it”, “don’t take me back to some before the war crap”, “fifty dong-damn years ago!”, Lemon feeds Sanders her line, Lord: “Don, Don, you’re talking liberal to me!”, JCD: I Demand an Apology ten-minute play
1:50:45Federated Mastodon feed and SJW reactions to “the No Agenda people”, ACC: “so you have the no nations, no borders people want firewalls and blocks”, “sea lioning”, “we refuse xenophobia” in TOS; loli art and deeply flawed kiddie porn legislation, “obscene”; Mastodon FEMA regions; ACC: “as a tech writer I wouldn’t want to investigate it at all either”
2:06:02Naomi Klein “be a nuisance” reservations at Trump properties, JCD: on likelihood of “bagels and bins” kids doing anything; Chris Matthews in 2013 on chemical weapons: “Hitler didn’t use ‘em”; SNL Sweaty Sean Jewish jokes, ACC story: big trouble over Hollywood names ending in “-stein” comment, SNL fat-shaming: “you already got a butt like an Atlanta stripper”
2:18:40Borussia Dortmund soccer team bus bombing, fake Islamist notes, German military explosives, police arrest Iraqi possible ISIS member (BCotD); Hungary building border fence, “Spring is coming”; Erdog╠ćan’s upcoming power grab, ACC on the real alt-left danger, CBS on 50k Turkish arrests, thousand-room palace, “modern-day sultan”, JCD on crazy antique uniforms
2:34:31CNN flu pandemic Johnson & Johnson native ad with Sanjay Gupta article and video
2:37:48Donation Segment: $84.10 ASCII “meatloaf donation”; Phrase from the Chaise jingle
2:51:35Neil Gorsuch’s “clerical functions” as junior member; 800hp Dodge Challenger Demon, JCD on uninsurable Hemi Cuda, 1.8 Formula One cars, JMD’s Volkswagen “like a bat out of Hell”