Call Clooney!

920 Succulent (2017-04-13)

Show 920 album art
0:00:00ACC: “UN, UN, UN, UN.” (2:59:41)
0:00:33920, 420, and JCD’s 50/50 history
0:01:51JCD recommends PBS World War I documentary, giant Woodrow Wilson posters, George Creel and CPI Committee on Public Information, 20k propaganda articles per week, traveling war expo, “doughboys”, vigilante American Protective League, “armbands and badges”, JCD’s “Goebbels” pronunciation, WWII as WWI fractal, APL “slacker raids”
0:14:03JCD on WWI as banking scam; 1918 flu pandemic cover-up; Pentagon’s 40k in public relations
0:22:10Sean Spicer: goal “to make sure that we destabilize Syria”, Hitler “didn’t even sink to using chemical weapons”, Brooke Baldwin perplexed by “Holocaust center”, Brian Stelter: Spicer “up there sweating in front of the TV cameras and lights”, Trump skips White House Seder; Anne Frank Center’s Steven Goldstein: “most evil slur”, Alan Dershowitz: “total phony”
0:37:29Rachel Maddow mocks Spicer’s “Bassad al-Ashar”; Alisyn Camerota: “when they use a Hitler analogy, everybody gets in trouble”, Jason Johnson: “it’s the office culture”; slow-talking Josh Earnest and Jay Carney, Goldstein tweet; Johnson on supporters’ “globocop” schism, Bannon “sympathizes with white nationalist terrorists”; CBS quotes Trump: “I’m my own strategist”
0:50:20Tillerson-Putin meeting; ACC on “I want everything!” negotiations; NATO “no longer obsolete”, CBS on “history lesson” from Jens Stoltenberg, post-9/11 Article 5; MOAB dropped on ISIS tunnel complex in Afghanistan; Trump Syria go-ahead with “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake” with Xi Jinping, missiles “heading to Iraq” gaffe, “he was okay with it”
1:07:33Producer Segment
1:19:45White House gas attack report based on classified evidence, OPCW investigation awaiting confirmation of chemical weapon use; Clinton Lewinsky subject change by bombing Serbia, Putin: “we have seen this before, ladies”; Tillerson on Syria priorities and self-determination, ACC prediction: Assad killed by Russians
1:31:17Lindsey Graham calls for “five or six thousand US troops” to train rebels; Ruth Bader Ginsburg counts Graham among the “women of the Senate”, ACC’s similar Mick Fleetwood gaffe; CBS applies Trump’s “nasty and a mess” to White House; Trump to Maria Bartiromo on North Korea: “we are sending an armada”; pandas “two Chinese spies” at Schiphol
1:41:17Dimension B: Chris Matthews on Romanovs; Morning Joe “buttoned up” Hillary, “wow” isos
1:48:11Ask Adam: JCD gripes about “succulent” and “savory”, “big pieces of potato and veg”
1:51:15“Millens” upset at Northern Arizona University president not all-in on safe spaces, “situations of injustice”; Caitlyn Jenner’s reported reassignment surgery, “it’s just a penis”; the mother of all gender identity lists, “pansexual”, JCD: “anyone gonna eat this meatloaf?
2:05:14Lame NewsHour NASA potholes vs black holes joke; Burger King Whopper “okay Google” ad leads to Wikipedia edit war, “100% medium-sized child”, ACC on old vs new media wars
2:14:46Donation Segment: NPR #trypod podcast promotion
2:28:57Dr. David Dao dragged off United Airlines flight, loss of rights and compensation limits, CEO Oscar Munoz apology, hysterical “just kill me”; JCD mic drop alarms ACC Mastodon instance, federated timelines, ACC & Leo tooting; JCD on verbose Twitterer William Shatner, ACC: “I have no business knowing what rbenv is”
2:52:33Paisley Dodd to PBS on UN rape in Haiti and Africa, child prostitution report, no mention of Laura Silsby; Salon five reasons Maxine Waters should be president; female SCotUS Justice interruptions, steamrolling over interruptor vs “excuse me!”