Call Clooney!

91 Stroking the Ugly Stick (2009-04-22)

Show 91 album art
0:00:00No Agenda Countdown!
0:01:21VLC “good product”, ACC command-line time saving, mutt & Gmail; kids’ lightning-fast typing skills and worn-out backspace keys; ACC’s cold, JCD all-in on Zicam
0:09:28And Now Back to Real News: huge Union Pacific locomotive 844 headed from Oakland to Stockton, US rail gauge origin in Rome, ACC: “are you a guy that has recordings of steam locomotives?”
0:13:36European bureaucrats allowing high-resolution photos of confidential documents, Hazel Blears’ sheaf of Parliamentary allowances documents, JCD: “there’s a shortage of envelopes in that country?”, disinformation potential; UK Tamil protests, Somali pirate kid ringleader arrives in New York, producer note on military choppering in snipers; Erin Burnett on scene, Blackwater still in Iraq; Maersk ship contents insured by AIG, Iran Contra weapons shipping
0:23:12JCD on guy walking around with shillelagh, “No Agenda ugly stick”; piracy and Hillary Clinton’s UN Law of the Sea Treaty; ACC’s in-laws visiting, all-in on Brownshirts theory
0:30:21Freddie Mac CFO David Kellerman two-to-the-head hanging; producers writing code for ACC
0:32:21Donation Segment: “another one for the armory” jingle; $1081 numerology mystery; “hello, kettle, this is the pot calling”; JCD calls for information on linguiça sources; Kaito BT409 9-LED folding ugly stick
0:43:3421 polo horses dead in Florida; Germany fighting 2005 Monsanto pig patent application; JCD on tasteless rBST-contaminated milk, non-reproducible acorn-fed Iberian ham; H.R.20 Melanie Blocker Stokes MOTHERS Act for postpartum depression rammed through
0:53:51Piaggio airplane recommended to ACC in place of “Sky King”, “it looks like a flying penis”; Nicolas “Napoleon IV” Sarkozy’s Airbus A330-200 upgrade; EU and Joint Strike Fighter project, 2-3TB of data stolen from Pentagon
0:58:13Acid rain legislation prototype for global warming version, JCD on Europe’s “dissolving statues”; former FDA administrator Dr. David Kessler’s new book: fat + sugar = dopamine; Stephen Hawking “went to hospital”, ACC story: Swamp Thing appearance “I was blotto”, shameless Hawking Simpsons episode; JCD on Family Guy’s two cancellations; Unilever research finds pleasure nerves in skin, ACC: “people had to be stroked at a certain speed … 4-5 cm/s”, JCD: speedometer practice mouse pad, “only present on hairy skin”, ACC: “it’s an iPhone app!”, GPhone metal detector
1:15:27European Parliament to vote on ISP three strikes law, ACC: bandwidth degraded due to “throttling, filtering, looking, sniffing, snooping, slurping, sucking all of my data”, Pirate Bay blocked; GPhone metal detector compass, “the Jeep of phones”; Google accused of tax dodge via Ireland; Taxi Eric on alert for JCD at Queen’s Day party; prime tourist destination Iceland, JCD tip: buy Icelandic “Rasta sheep” wool goods at Reykjavík Airport shop; No Agenda linguiça airport booths, JCD recommends Wisconsin airport Usinger Wurst Haus
1:23:55News Media Group first-quarter earnings down 28.4%; Miss California loses Miss USA 2009 to Perez Hilton’s gay marriage question, JCD: “it was rigged”; ACC on courting Hilton in London for show, “he’s a dick”
1:30:03Outro: JCD on San Francisco mayor running for governor against Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown; pothole-counting on San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge; financial woes in the show notes; “knives of the Knights” flatware