Call Clooney!

919 We Kill (2017-04-09)

Show 919 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Woowoowoowoo!” (2:01:47)
0:00:35ACC introduces TtK to 1997’s Wag the Dog, ironic De Niro “I’d like to punch him in the face”
0:05:3659 cruise missiles lobbed into Syria, B-roll sound effects, Fox transition swoosh with bell; gung-ho Rex Tillerson: “overwhelming success”, JCD on Tillerson as Jonathan Winters character, camera ban to cut off Saturday Night Live; one missile “in the drink”; Tillerson: “very thick” runways not targeted, ACC on Midway Airport tarmac grooves; warhead-less Tomahawks; CBS on ships Porter & Ross crossing Mediterranean at max speed, no shootdown attemps
0:21:34Tomahawk rugged terrain problems, obsolete MIGs and cafeteria destroyed, 3100 Tomahawks from 1980s; RT “air cover for ISIS” meme, Fareed Zakaria: “there is a danger that we have effectively acted as ISIS’ air force”; short-circuited Facebaggers, Carrie Bickmore in tears on Australian morning show The Project (CotD), The View war powers bickering, Behar: “they would’ve impeached him!”, South vs North Korea confusion; Thomas Massey doubts Assad’s culpability on CNN; ACC: “Syrian children stack well”, “dead” girl opening eyes in video
0:37:15Another ex-CIA guy to Bill Maher: “what Trump did yesterday was illegal”, Ana Navarro: “the man has had more positions than the Kamasutra”, agrees with decision; Caleb Maupin: MSM all-in, Brian Williams’ “beauty of our weapons”, Hillary & McCain & Graham all-in
0:47:42Bombard’s Body Language analyzes Trump “beautiful babies” announcement, airfield “believe-me look”; Bill O’Reilly “now twenty babies are dead” iso; Aleppo Twitter girl Bana al-Abed’s favorite food “save the children of Syria”, response to “do you like Istanbul”: “fish”; Tucker Carlson on absurdity of white supremacist opposition to Syria action; Catherine Herridge to Bill O’Reilly: “tight lock on this intelligence” on gas evidence; TPP Trump-Putin Pipeline
1:04:48Bannon still in war room, rumors of Kushner vs Bannon conflicts; JCD: “he needs to fire his daughter”, Debbie Wasserman Schultz: “she’s fighting women”; New York Times Assad atrocity list omits 2013 chemical attack; Ambassador James Jeffrey: “Trump 1, Putin 0”; Hillary’s State Department militarization; “message to North Korea” meme
1:17:02Lindsey Graham to Tucker Carlson: Assad has “poor hand”, cost of 7k UStroops in Syria, troop buildup in Kuwait; Holly Williams still “on the Syrian border”; Graham: Assad “destabilizing force”, cost “minimal compared to the threats we face”
1:26:19Producer Segment: car seat “shut up, slave”; Planet Maynard wins podcast award
1:33:00Hillary at Women in the World Summit: Putin “not exactly fond of strong women”; Tucker Carlson “you should stick to the thigh-high boots” to Lauren Duca, “oh, my God!!” reaction from panelist Tracee Ellis Ross, Kathy Lette: “that’s why we call him fucker”, Diane von Furstenberg: “it’s only the vengeance of the white man with a small penis”; Maxine Waters “sexual harassment enterprise” Star Trek jingle
1:43:29New You the Jury show introduced by Jeanine Pirro; Tip Harris on The View: Omarosa Manigault “can’t even bridge the gap in her teeth”, “what about addressing the disrespect?”
1:52:10ACC Swamp Thing “I was really blotto” iso; drunk or not drunk Bill O’Reilly: “Anthony Scalia” and “George Gorsuch”; Petulant Jeremy Scahill: fascists “don’t have a right to speak on television”; Michelle Bernard: Bannon an “avowed anti-Semite”, Chris Matthews: “I didn’t hear that before but go ahead”; Howard Dean to Joy Reid: “white supremist who hates Jews” (CotD), anti-Semitic “cuck” and “globalist” terms
2:06:23Michael Hayden “right”-laden “we kill” speech; Family Guy “podcast time”
2:14:43Donation Segment
2:20:45Terrorism drills the day before Stockholm attack; Wisconsin terrorist Joseph Jakubowski “manifesto”; Ted Kaczynski’s cabin on display at Newseum; crappy Russian ship’s brush with US Navy; Facebag fake news flag, “verified” armbands; Xi Jinping’s stop in “state capital” Anchorage; Senate rules eased to allow Gorsuch confirmation, “the Republican, the republic will go on”, Senate historically chosen by state legislatures; Kushner hires Hollywood publicist
2:33:15ACC all-in on new decentralized Twitter clone Mastodon, federated “toots”
2:39:11Malibu City Council votes to become sanctuary city, prank “cheap nannies and gardeners” sign; Tomi Lahren wrongful termination lawsuit; McCain fumbling with microphone in lectern cupholder; Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin space tourism venture