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918 Kim Jong Yum Yum (2017-04-06)

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0:00:00ACC: “Eh? Just a little, uhhh, wait, wuh? Here, beh, heh, heh, heh” (2:14:16)
0:00:34JCD birthday dinner, senior dog-walker JMD listening to NA; ACC “of course” improvement
0:04:15Dimension B: Morning Joe Trump “petulant brat”, mental illness, JCD: “these are the guys who are obsessed on something”, “if any CEO behaved this way, they would have been fired by the board”, “Article 25”; Joy Behar compares Trump to “Kim Jong Yung Yung” (CotD); “as if on cue” North Korean missile test, Tillerson “no further comment”, “strategic patience”
0:19:37Syrian chemical attack and “red line” meme, Trump on Obama “blank threat”, changes subject to North Korea; rescuers with surgical masks, JCD: “Mr. Trump, have you ever used cocaine?”, Trump: “many many lines”; CBS links attack to “Assad must go” reversal; Syrian ambassador blames Israel; Samantha Power on destruction of chemical weapons; Russia blames weapons depot strike, Nikki Haley saber-rattling; 2013 Daily Mail article on Qatari chemical false flag
0:37:07Far right outrage over Steve Bannon demotion; Roger Stone on impending internet censorship
0:40:05Scott Pelley: Holly Williams in Ankara “on the border with Syria” at distance of 747 km; ACC plugs Wag the Dog; Haley: “I am beating up on Russia; MH-17 and white smoke
0:51:45Barry Manilow’s secret gay marriage; Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad shitstorm; 1984 “doublethink”
0:58:41Producer Segment: chatroom “Brownshirts”
1:09:30Michael Crichton State of Fear flak; no ban on child marriage for Indonesia; JCD plugs Russian dashcam compilations, Swedish dashcam captures Muslim gender segregation on school bus
1:14:12Billions character losing sleep over Russian hackers; Susan Rice on requesting unmasking of US persons: “I leaked nothing to nobody”; Dimension B morning shows all cite faceless former administration sources; Van Jones proposes Presidential Medal of Freedom for Rice; “nothing to nobody” oddity, husband ABC News executive producer; Bombard’s Body Language analysis of Rice on NewsHour, double blink lie tell, “presidential request” flub
1:30:38Mike Cernovich MKULTRA theory; Don Lemon: Nunes and Farkas stories a “diversion”; David Corn: defamation “because she’s a black woman”
1:34:25Bill O’Reilly the “masher”, ACC story: Peter van Vollenhoeven; CBS on Fox News advertisers dropping out, investigation meme; Wall Street Journal going after advertisers on YouTube videos; vague CBS reference to racial discrimination lawsuit; chatroom renamed to “war room”
1:46:10Maxine Waters on Fox “sexual harassment enterprise” (BCotD), Waters Roxanne jingle
1:50:12MSNBC propagating Uday & Qusay meme; FSB and Carter Page; ACC: eyes on Gary Cohn
1:54:19Boeing $3bn deal with Iran; Leviathan field gas for EU; Chinese trading stock completely on margin; New York Observer story on “strange” Jared Kushner running Windows on a Mac
2:02:29Donation Segment: Don Rickles dead at 90; JCD’s Amazon Prime birthday pizza stone
2:14:16Washington Post mocks Trump’s take on unemployment numbers; IRS outsourcing to collection agencies; Newsletter Trump fat-shaming prediction; Chelsea Handler: Sean Spicer “shaped like a baked potato”; Harvard “Resistance School”
2:27:30Lindsay Lohan in burkini; UK considering genderless passport option; TtK’s “single” medical form “affirmed gender”; California State “April is Gaypril” event, “furries vs pet play” schism
2:32:21Germany to force sites to delete illegal content; €60bn for Brexit, Farage called out on “mafia”
2:37:47Sanctuary city Newark Mayor on being “fugitive slave catchers”; el-Sisi admires Trump’s “unique personality”; NATO Russian-speaking extras revisited
2:44:10Elon Musk’s Neuralink brain implant; Kansas students out principal with fake degrees; Uncle Don vs Michael Flynn; JCD gripe: Sleep Train name changes name to Mattress Firm