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917 Judas Goat (2017-04-02)

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0:00:00JCD: “So let’s give him a guh, duh, yuh, buh, ee, buh buh ee, a karma” (1:08:18)
0:00:35Austin proclaimed best place to live, JCD on bogus top ten lists, Melinda Gates on Fortune “most influential people”; JCD’s April Fools’ H.R.4117 subject line, idiotic “Google Wind”
0:11:01Senate Russia hearings, former FBI Clinton Watts on “information Consumer Reports”; Marco Rubio on campaign team port scan from Russia; James Lankford on “we’re not in Syria” claim, Russia Foreign Ministry “press 3 to request election interference” joke, flipping off Iranian embassy, Watts’ “build the bots” meme; Mark Warner on “paid internet trolls” vs Hillary’s “techno experts”, botnets “generate news down to specific areas”, RT SEO claim
0:29:24“Gitmo Nation GMT” King’s College’s Thomas Rid on Guccifer 2.0 as group: “lots of smileys and very informal, others are more formal” (CotD), password for DC Leaks; Roger Stone to Bill Maher: “he’s Romanian, why are you saying that in a Russian accent?”, monologue: “the old Cold War, the White House was on our side”; CNN Flynn immunity meme
0:42:21Stephen Cohen on “act of war” meme, CrowdStrike vs FBI analysis, “I’ll bet you a dime to a nickel”, 17 agencies “bogus”, NSA in “ePhones”, “moderately confident”, propaganda meme as fallback, Americans “lambs that will follow any Judas goat”; Maher “Hillary won” meme; Watts on 15k Russians tweeting conspiracy theories at Trump, targeting Occupy & BLM, 1% released meme, Rubio: “follow the trail of dead Russians”, Putin “read my lips”
0:56:43PBS on Hillary’s 2011 Russian election interference, MI & PA meme; Hillary techno-experts, filming Syrian protests, “internet in a suitcase”; PBS on “spiderweb” of Russia connections
1:05:13Whoopi: “God knows what he’ll do … and if God doesn’t know maybe our sponsors do”
1:05:57Producer Segment: “hear ye all in Gitmo Nation” jingle; “Dvorak ant taco” at NYC meetup
1:17:14No Agenda White House RSS feeds, National {Cancer Control, Child Abuse Prevention, Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention, Financial Capability} Month
1:20:13Whale Vomit podcast on 1984 “petty bourgeois”; Shelly Harridan on “safety pin movement”, ACC “I’m the enemy” transgender theory; Today Show “world’s longest conga line”
1:26:54NPR on lack of correlation between US zika cases and microcephaly, dengue fever meme; 2015 swine flu outbreak in India, 2016 Brail outbreak; North Korea accuses US testing ebola in Africa, AIDS and ebola theory; White House to be lit up in blue for World Autism Day
1:36:41Today Show on Mike Pence’s dining with women policy, Colbert: “one Amstel Light and he’s dry-humping the bread basket”; Rob & Carl Reiner to Tavis Smiley on “submerged” racism
1:45:44Chinese cosmetic surgery boom, 1 in 300 clinics certified, Chinese developments in Serbia
1:48:25CDC e-mails on cause of Haiti cholera outbreak, coverup aided by Hillary; Haiti child smuggler Laura Silsby Gayler now working for Amber alert system, bogus missing D.C. girls case
1:52:34Gayane Chichakyan on Syrian Observatory for Human Rights no longer playing ball with US, Germans backing away after Mosque-bombing possible war crime
1:58:21Council of Europe corruption scandal, global strategy “isolation is not the answer” cartoon
2:01:22Donation Segment: “Reality Rangers”; quonset huts outlawed in Anchorage
2:17:55Bloomberg’s Shannon Pettypiece: Obamacare needs “more subsidies and more regulations”, “universal Medicare”, $65k/year MS drug, JCD on pre-single-payer price gouging
2:26:45Tech News: ISP privacy protection rollback, JCD on Obama regulations benefiting Google
2:35:15Terror Laptop of Doom bomb; new RT transition sfx; CREW: Maxine Waters “one of the most corrupt members of Congress”; Turkey spying on German MP; Somali immigrant man-on-the-street: Trump “so negative”; NATO seeks “Russian-speaking extras” for wargames