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914 Fack Base (2017-03-23)

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0:00:00ACC: “He didn’t shake her hand, didn’t shake her hand … didn’t shake her hand!” (0:59:23)
0:00:34JCD: everyone “in a tizzy” over Paul Manafort working for Oleg Deripaska, “no continued business relation”; ACC’s “having trouble with my headset” robocall bot; Tom Freston’s import-export activities in Afghanistan; August Ukrainian cash payments controversy; JCD CIA schism theory, Carl Bernstein in CNN “sexobox” calls for “9/11-type commission”
0:14:00Bob Woodward on transition team wiretapping, ACC on drone server root password, JCD on schism as parallel universe fractal; ex-CIA Larry Johnson on originating GCHQ information
0:20:18Scripted Scott Pelley-Mike Morell interview, sneering at Devin Nunes’ actions; Nunes: surveillance unrelated to Russia; Judy Woodruff vs Nunes “it is possible” Trump was right; Russian gambling ring at Trump Tower; JCD on Nunes going to White House to avoid getting killed
0:30:12GOP lobbyist Jack Burkman on Seth Rich being killed after discovering Russian hacking
0:33:00Adam Schiff: collusion evidence “not circumstantial”; no GCHQ denial; Feinstein on “emollients clause”; H.R.356 to investigate Russia; Larry Johnson on RT’s lack of influence
0:45:49Susan Rice: “fack base”, “rally around the flag” during crisis, Obama micromanaging
0:50:29Maxine Waters jingles, 2013 clip on creepy Obama OFA database, JCD on taking Rolodex
0:53:36Butthurt Andrew Sullivan to Tavis Smiley: Trump “clinically delusional”, Merkel handshake, “petulant child” meme; Tim Allen to Kimmel on attending inauguration, “30s Germany”
1:03:12America’s Lawyer podcast on networks sharing board members with big pharma; Gong Show’s Chuck Barris dead at 87, CIA assassin claim, CBS obituary with no mention of CIA
1:07:40Producer Segment
1:29:01Shaquille O’Neal appears all-in on flat earth on Big Podcast with Shaq
1:31:45Michael Flynn’s $34k from RT for 2015 Russian gala, $11k from Kaspersky Lab; Leading Authorities speakers bureau, Marcia Clark, confidential RT document release to media
1:44:16Comey & Rogers on adversarial relation with Russia, Rep. Jackie Speier “act of war”; Madeline Albright all-in on NATO expansion, “new system”; Federica Mogherini on US “peace and security operations”, blames Syrian refugee crisis on World Food Program funding; Steven Hadley on “current conception of the new… of, of the international order”
1:53:101999 Norman Cousins Global Governance Award amethyst geode for Walter Cronkite, John Anderson: “world government is the structure necessary for global justice”, Cronkite all-in
1:57:55ACC recommends Hidden Figures; drinking milk is “hate speech”; Barbie “Hello Hijab”; Ellen DeGeneres struggles with non-binary guest; Good Morning America father-daughter gender reassignment “moving, touching story”, “transgender journey”, WPATH standards of care
2:12:07Alex Jones “big swingin’ Johnson”; “pin down votes” at White House bowling alley
2:14:00Lame Pelosi “protect our care” chant; “this penis party’s got to go” chant; YouTube censorship
2:19:18Donation Segment: Andrew Napolitano suspended
2:35:52Families of 9/11 victims and first responders file lawsuit against Saudi Arabia
2:39:07Captain Planet theme; Miami Beach “modern-day Atlantis”, built on porous limestone
2:44:12London Parliament attack, maritime drill previous day, Katie Hopkins: “we are in fact a nation of ghettos”; Tillerson quotes Abdullah II; closed-circuit cameras switched off in 2016
2:56:04In trouble with Helena Humphrey, “disgusted by the way you talk about women!”
2:59:59Trump narcissistic quote of the day; staging troops in Kuwait for Syria; Virgin America dead; Marvel cancelling titles; Arkansas concealed carry law; Austin releases 260 criminal aliens
3:06:02Gorsuch on Hancock writing “bigly”; “whatever’s in Heller is the law”; Franken’s Constitution