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913 Toxic Chat (2017-03-19)

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0:00:00ACC: “Tiny hands, tiny hands!” (0:40:28)
0:00:35ACC and JCD at Grand Duke Foley’s event; London origin of the 9:00 start time
0:09:13US troop buildup in Kuwait; Israel shoots down Syrian surface-to-air missile; Mark Toner still on spokeshole duty, Mosul civilian casualty spike, Gayane Chichakyan inserting herself in story; UK military deployment to Estonia; Rand Paul “I object” mic drop
0:19:47Russian Interference in Democracies hearing, witness to drunk or not drunk grunting Pat Leahy: “I don’t think we believe that the United States is being manipulated by Russia”, Lindsey Graham calls for “Article 5 response”; “Dimension B” Donna Brazile on DNC chair “thankless job”, “because the Russians invaded us”, “I’ve never gone up against a hostile military force”, writing a book “Hell yeah!”; The Obama Years documentary, Charlie Rose “what’s the essence of the process” of speech writing, Jesse Williams: “use key words and vocabulary that relax people, disarm people, and set a table”; Fletcher straddling jingle
0:34:44Cold weather and “frosty atmosphere” at Trump-Merkel meeting, apparently declined handshake vs greeting at White House door; Trump hiding his gut; grinning German reporter, Trump “we’re a very powerful company, country”; Deutsche Welle’s hot Helena Humphrey, eliminating “protectionism” at G20; PBS: “the president dismissed the furor/Führer” (BCotD)
0:51:58CBS hit piece: Trump wiretap “something in common” with Merkel, Shep Smith throws Napolitano under the bus; GCHQ press release “unprecedented”, Spicer will “get people killed”
1:00:16Producer Segment: Bill Nye now in advertising; Sharpton trigger warning
1:10:11Robert Reich on budget “unprecedented cunts, cuts” (BCotD); Zakaria “bullshitting” litany
1:15:37“Horsefeathers” for archaic phrase list, ACC’s Junior League rummage sale book of word and phrase origins, American Idiom jingle, “wild man of Borneo”
1:25:58Budget cut freakout: NYPD to lose $110M in DHS handouts, Daily News 1 WTC in crosshairs; JCD on outrageous San Francisco parking fines; Don Lemon’s “blacktobox” of all black commentators, Paris Dennard on HBCUs, Lemon on watchers saying “I gotta eat, I gotta live somewhere!”; JCD on Hamilton cast berating Pence and expecting money, Sesame Street on HBO, NPR’s 4% of budget, “high horse”
1:41:20The View universe clash, “not paying their fair share” meme, Sunny Hostin: “talk to the people that that 3.3% is going to affect!” on “Mills on Wills”, idiotic YouTube “I can’t eat twelve pieces” of pizza woman; Nancy Pelosi “deconstruction of the federal government” meme from Steve Bannon, “tax bill for the rich disguised as infrastructure” and toll bridges; OMB’s Mick Mulvaney: no more climate change research, indefensible handouts to CPB
1:56:01Donation Segment
2:05:16“Love & light” for Chuck Barry; ACC story: Percy Sledge’s Jheri Curl hair near-combustion
2:07:22Kurt Eichenwald’s epileptic seizure due to strobing animated GIF, sender arrested by FBI, grand mal vs petit mal, seizure at Grand Duke’s party, ACC’s epileptic childhood friend, “weaponized tweet”; German draft law to force social media to police “toxic chat”
2:18:27Über’s Greyball software for fooling & evading city officials
2:21:23Loudmouth Jeffrey Pegues on stolen Secret Service laptop and lapel pins, “grainy surveillance videos”, White House fence-jumper “looking for attention”, Chaffetz on ability to “jiggle the door”; Media Research Center “didn’t pay his taxes for twenty years” compilation
2:30:31Advances in facial recognition software, JCD story: unable to fool system at law enforcement trade show; Rachel Maddow’s high school yearbook photo, JCD: “holy crap!