Call Clooney!

912 Bully Box (2017-03-16)

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0:00:00ACC: “Well, she’s probably doing sleazy porn on the internet.” (1:56:29)
0:00:38Saint Patrick’s Day, Newsletter draft vs spin class; upcoming party at Grand Duke Foley’s
0:03:24Dutch elections: labor “slaughtered”, incumbent party’s 33 seats; Rachel Maddow: “bad day for Trump priorities”, Geert Wilders “extra-racist Dutch version of Donald Trump”, Twinks For Trump event “soft porn Aryan anti-Islam fest”, “has not been seen in top-tier Western European in decades” vs Pim Fortuyn, radio-style repetition; Bill Pascrell “thank you, sir”, “thanks for your courage”; Turkish flags, Erdog╠ćan blames Srebrenica massacre on Netherlands
0:20:20Marine Le Pen on Farage’s show on regaining lacking freedoms “that make us slaves”; EU court approves headscarf bans as company policy on religious symbols; “thanks Nancy” iso
0:25:06Rand Paul “I object” for McCain Montenegro treaty, “working for Vladimir Putin”; Comey’s private briefings on Russia and election, Feinstein won’t say a word to reporters; JCD on CIA spying on Feinstein, Bill Hurd’s refusal to read torture report, JCD: ban on State Department employees looking at WikiLeaks a litmus test for CIA in media
0:37:39Devin Nunes on “unmasking” US citizens; Kislyak’s contacts with Hillary’s people; Adam Schiff: “I don’t share that summary conclusion” of no collusion; Rand Paul: “even low-level employees can unmask the caller”; Andrew Napolitano on Obama going to GCHQ; committee may resort to issuing DoJ subpoena; lame Trump appearance with Tucker Carlson, Carlson no good without his “bully box”; Roger Stone interviewed in pinstripe suit and bowler hat, ACC story: interviewed in prison costume, Stone on Twitter “exchange” with Guccifer 2.0
0:56:09Bernstein unfazed by Kellyanne Conway’s “microwaves that turn into cameras”
0:58:52Producer Segment: $1000.01 binary for 33; ACC PR for summaries project
1:13:59Michael Lumpkin to Arms Services Committee on “scalpel-like messages” for categories of ISIS recruits; former BBG Governor Matthew Armstrong on versions of RT, “Infowars comes to mind”, white supremacists on; Timothy Thomas on Russian disbelief in “objective truth”, “you just have the ability to create an alternate reality”
1:31:51Brian Williams: “an alternative universe is being proposed”; Rush Limbaugh: “they live in an alternate universe where reality does not intrude”; ACC alternative universe network theory
1:36:54Media furor over leaked Trump tex document, Rachel Maddow milks story for an hour, anti-Semitic “mazel tov”; David Cay Johnston alternative minimum tax theory, White House release of document in press release, called out for Melania “did do very sleazy porn pictures”
1:58:00Adam Schiff compares collusion investigation with 9/11 report’s 28 pages; IRS lawyer on tax document leak as felony; green card petition meme debunked
2:03:42Ghostwritten glyphosate study by Monsanto; Conan on Carl’s Jr., “unless they advertised!”
2:07:45Donation Segment
2:19:12Financial analyst David Stockman predicts “countdown to crisis” with interest rate hike, $20T debt ceiling, “burning through cash at the Treasury like drunken sailors”; defunct malls converting to small apartments with stove-less kitchens, JCD on San Francisco communities with starter cottages; note from millennial producer on business administration case studies all about global warming, all-in on globalism; millennial NPR On Point caller
2:37:31Challenger damaged beyond repair by Airbus A380 wake; “gay moment” excised for Malaysia release of Beauty and the Beast, producer bestiality tweet
2:42:49Archaic phrase list: “hanging in there like a hair in a biscuit”, origin of “bender”; “Trek for Tourette’s” in Canada; Pope all-in on married priests; “Made in China 2025 strategy”