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911 Opinews (2017-03-12)

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0:00:00ACC: (untranscribable yammering) (1:10:23)
0:00:39Daylight Saving Time; ACC borrows New York banker’s Tesla for LeAnn Rimes concert, all-in on autopilot, white knuckle range meter, “this car would be fantastic if it had an engine!”
0:14:46SxSW Apple podcast party; driver from Nairobi on Chinese; Futurama Facebag erratum
0:18:18BBC on EPA’s Scott Pruitt not being all-in on warming, edited out “we don’t know that yet”
0:23:35“Malarkey” for the archaic word list, “more X than Carter has pills”, “blood on the Moon”
0:27:09March 15 Fed rate hike and Dutch election; Joe Kernen on benefit of having business people in administration; Sweaty Sean quotes Trump on jobs numbers: “they may have been phony in the past but it’s very real now”, convoluted explanation on Flynn’s Turkey lobbying; Erdoğan accuses Germany of “Nazi practices” over Turkish referendum rallies; riots over Turkish minister barred from Rotterdam; Erdoğan threatens to reopen refugee floodgate
0:43:30Shared bicycles in China tossed in the bushes, ACC on Dutch bike-stealing system
0:49:28ACC on “the machine”, JCD recommends Lewis Mumford; Monica Crowley plagiarism hit piece explained, “destabilization campaign”; CNN on deep state and leaks, “illegally elected president” flub; JournoList group, Joy Reid on Assange “anti-US anarchist pro-Russia, whatever you want to call it”, David Corn: WikiLeaks “wholly-owned subsidiary of Russian intelligence”; Dennis Kucinich on 2011 wiretap; ABC’s Trump hate and Disney copyrights
1:05:44Joy Reid on Hannity “purge the saboteurs”, Corn Trump taxes meme, JCD: “1099 from the FSB”, historically pro-Russia left wing; Chris Matthews on Trump Mona Lisa smile; Mark Warner on Russia influencing French election; travel industry “Trump slump”
1:14:35Pelosi on Clapper seeing no sign of collusion with Russia: “we haven’t had the investigation that we need to have”, “follow the facts”; RT on Russian propaganda “virus”
1:21:05Producer Segment
1:35:43Awan brothers up to no good in Congressional IT systems, hostage stepmother
1:41:11Park Geun-hye removed from office in South Korea; head of Samsung on trial for bribery; CBS feel-good story at end of news; Maxine Waters all-in on dossier “sex actions”, “I do think that impeachment will be necessary”; Grassley letter asking why CIA paid GCHQ for dossier
1:48:36RT on CNN Aghori Hindu cannibalism show, ACC: cannibals the new zombies, Lionel rant
1:52:56American Health Care Act “fungible” money and Planned Parenthood; Jehmu Greene to Tucker Carlson: “let’s legislate your penis”, ACC: “I can’t hang it out in public”
2:06:18Ancilla van de Leest elected to Dutch Parliament; JCD unleashes Audacity on Julian Assange press event, Assange takes umbrage at Brian Ross Russia funding question
2:11:29Marines bringing in M777 howitzers for Raqqa; commander of Yemen raid takes responsibility for botches, Brolf “explain what you’re learning”, UN: Yemen “on the brink of famine” due to blockade; UN accuses Turkey of killing 2k Kurds in “security operation”; JCD’s studio setup
2:22:37Donation Segment
2:31:05No Agenda archaic word list, “fiddlesticks”
2:38:18Immigration Executive Order Mark II, WaPo’s Trump-hating “conservative blogger” Jennifer Rubin on Constitutionality of collecting crime information; Denzel Washington to BBC: “it used to be news, now it’s opinews”; John Kelly on caring for illegal immigrant children; ACC’s “no” for 8-year-old at concert; NPR on drop in number of illegal Mexican border crossings, potential impact on labor market; CAIR blames “Islamophobes and white supremacists”
2:48:43White House fence-jumper Tran a signal to Trump; Santa Clarita Diet and The Returned