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906 Hitler’s Playbook (2017-02-23)

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0:00:00ACC: (eating noises) “Mm, it’s actually very good, I’m so surprised!” (1:35:26)
0:00:34Project Veritas CNN leaks due any minute now
0:03:26CBS Milo Yiannopoulos hit piece, Breitbart resignation over podcast pedophilia defense, $250k book deal advance; ACLU’s Lee Rowland on defending speakers “no matter how despicable or offensive we might find them”, 1978 Skokie Nazi march
0:14:43“Gay of the day” Shane Saunders “as a gay man” comment to Tucker Carlson, “Mike Pence’s thoughts are very well known”; Refuse Fascism’s Sunsara Taylor: “Trump and Pence are operating out of Hitler’s playbook”, “President Chump, if you’re watching”, “no election — fair or fraudulent — can justify him ripping up the rule of law”; No Agenda universe-straddling
0:30:30NYT’s Nicholas Kristof on 25th Amendment vs impeachment; “Captain Queeg”, anti-Milo Republican organizations; Alzheimer’s and syphilis memes, JCD on llama-human species jump; JCD story: Christic Institute convinced Reagan would never finish term; The Pumpkin and the Pantsuit children’s book; possible PBS & NPR funding cuts
0:42:22LBC commentator on Trump state visit to UK, “biggest protest London’s ever seen come June”; morning show Parliament compilation, “petulant child” resurrected, “embarrassment to the crown”, ACC recommends The Crown, Muslims & Scots up in arms; Jeanne Moos on MPs lobbing insults, “protozoan” intellect; Louise Mensch raises mental health issues
0:51:10Ex-CIA Bryan Wright on agencies withholding information, “die in jail” meme; Maxine Waters: “this is a bunch of scumbags”, “Kremlin clan” trying to lift Russian sanctions
0:59:30Dakota Access Pipeline protesters finally rousted, “an ethnic cleansing”
1:01:36Producer Segment: depleted uranium physics;; NA Amazon Echo skill
1:24:19John Podesta: Russians and Julian Assange “weaponized the e-mails”, Pussygate timing
1:28:37FBI arrests 25-year-old Robert Lorenzo Hester Jr. in Missouri for terror plot; “this guy is disgusting, this guy is despicable, he is a monster” of gymnast molester
1:30:56Angelina Jolie eating bugs in Cambodia, acquired British accent, “when I was first in country”, “flavorless chips”; Lindsay Lohan “I was wearing headscarf” when stopped by airport security
1:41:09Maria Shriver poleaxed by Lena Dunham’s “you saw a penis, right?”
1:43:01Marine Le Pen: euro “a weapon that it sticks in our sides to force us to go where they please”; Yanis Varoufakis: shadow of Grexit “never went away”, “getting a new credit card to pay off the previous credit card”, “the right question is, is there going to be a Eurozone and a European Union in one or two years’ time?”; Italian & French globalists head to China
1:54:20Ami Horowitz squabbles with Don Lemon over Sweden’s rape numbers; new Germany law allows snooping on asylum seekers; no Peace Prize but possible Oscar for White Helmets; Tucker Carlson to World Relief’s Scott Arbeiter: “why are you taking any government money?”
2:06:00Donation Segment: Sir Cumference title collision; ACC’s Electro Voice RE320
2:22:38“Resist we much” on Perino & Stirewalt Podcast; Debbie Wasserman Schultz’ rogue IT guys took $100k from Iraqi politician; ex-FBI John Guandolo on John Brennan converting to Islam
2:28:51Republican town hall meetings disrupted by paid protesters; Brooke Baldwin on Trump “professional manufactured protesters” charge: “how dangerous is that sort of language?”; black woman LA town hall: “sanctuary cities are racist”; up to 1.2M black jobs lost due to illegal immigration, Obama “crickets again”; Obama’s Organizing for America
2:40:56Anne Frank Center spokeshole on anti-Semitic Trump “incubator of hatred”; California secession, “we have military”, JCD three-state solution; Obama “boots on the ground” medley