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904 Reich 4.0 (2017-02-16)

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0:00:00ACC: “So have fun, be positive, and enjoy your amazing job.”
0:00:35JCD’s local turkey flock, gourmet eggs; Valentines Day at Shandong; ACC video experiment
0:04:28Adele white privilege at Grammys, no American men in country music category; “President Agent Orange” routine; Melissa McCarthy “blackface”, history of actresses, Charlie Chan
0:13:05No Campus for White Men and “victimhood culture”; By Any Means Necessary’s Yvette Felarca redefines fascism to “movement of genocide” to Tucker Carlson, Yiannopoulos “lynch mob mentality”; black-bloc LARPer cold-cocked, David Frum on fighting back
0:27:51Nigel Farage radio show on hate from the left, “because you exist” caller
0:30:17Akhil Reed Amar on Ninth Amendment protecting unenumerated rights
0:34:31Amy Klobuchar on Michael Flynn’s resignation: administration “eager to placate the Russians”, “invading countries that are our allies”; staying on as advisor, replacement “P4” Petraeus; CBS on Robert Harward; Chuck Todd: “folks, hunker down because this is a class five political hurricane” (BCotD); Jeanne Moos on #thingsthatlastlongerthanflynn
0:44:57Ron Johnson on “incredibly damaging” leaks; Andrew Napolitano: “it absolutely is illegal, they work for him”, Obama EO 12333 change authorizes NSA to share raw data; Tim Weiner all-in on CIA, Klaus Fuchs; Thomas Friedman: Russian hacking “Pearl Harbor-scale event”
0:57:48Dennis Kucinich: “military industrial intel axis” trying to reignite Cold War, “Spy vs. Spy”
1:04:35Anita Dunn on White House lacking “chorus of validators” for policies; Kellyanne Conway the next target; Brzezinski: “we know for a fact she tries to book herself on this show”, Scarborough: “she’s in none of the key meetings”; JCD on Photoshopped “old woman” pictures
1:16:07Producer Segment: British “haitch” pronunciation
1:24:53NPR on anti- and pro-Trump dating sites, “safe space for Trump supporters”; ACC on apartment full of single dog owners, Google couples; JCD: tech stereotypes same in Brazil
1:30:09Upcoming Dutch elections will probably favor Geert Wilders; Brussels still sitting on Ukraine agreement; Austria to implement migrant quotas; record number of deaths on Libya-Italy route; EU Regulation 655 for cross-border debt recovery, JCD: “this is the Fourth Reich”
1:37:17Gayane Chichakyan’s trisyllabic name, media “celebrating Flynn’s resignation as a victory”
1:41:26John Hickenlooper’s marijuana advice for California; beach “RESIST” (we much), Sharpton vs the teleprompter, “asstick next to his name”; 749 earthquakes in Turkey; Mimi’s quacking imitation of Amy Goodman; RT on US use of depleted uranium in Syria, JCD: “why would you use it against trucks?”; deliberate CIA Watergate botch
1:55:31David Frum on “astonishing security breach” at Mar-a-Lago on North Korean missile launch, “an iPhone is a mobile satellite TV broadcast unit”, Trump & Shinzo Abe crash wedding
1:59:48Canadian Muslim woman stopped at US border, “last chemo treatment”, odd “uh-oh” interjection; ACC recommends Hindenburg Journalist; leaked memo to British radio presenters
2:10:20Donation Segment
2:19:38Tucker Carlson confronts Erik Wemple on Washington Post’s “paid propaganda” from Moscow
2:24:39Deutsche Welle on sand mining damage to African beaches; archiving government data at NYU, “outright denial of peer-reviewed climate science”; California underwater in 1861
2:31:17RAND Corporation’s Nidhi Kalra on vehicle hacking terrorism threat
2:33:40California train derailment, “we precaution people not to drive on flooded roadways”
2:35:44Russian spy ship off East Coast “one more sign the Cold War is back”; Rachel Maddow invokes The Americans; Truman on Eisenhower: “he’ll say do this, do that, and nothing will happen”