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902 Morally Obtuse (2017-02-09)

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0:00:00ACC: “And it sounded like she had hooves!” (1:26:37)
0:00:33Trump “bing bing” compilation; Super Bowl 3rd down 33 yards 0:03; Lady Gaga didn’t make anyone “gasp”; Saturday Night Live Melissa McCarthy Sean Spicer “improvisation”
0:10:09Brian Williams on “alternative universe on the web” Sandy Hook theories, Trump “marinating for a long time in Infowars … false moral equivalency”, “morally obtuse”; Nicolle Wallace on “people that have worked for actual presidents”; Scott Pelley on “presidential statements divorced from reality”; “got his facts wrong again” on murder rate buttslam; George Washington’s cherry tree; Tim Kaine: “I must be living through some alternate reality now”; Jon Favreau on Putin killing Alexander Litvinenko with “plutonium”
0:23:02Newsweek’s Michael Wolff: “I just wish you wouldn’t turn to the camera and lecture America about the virtues of the media”, “the New York Times front page looks like it’s 1938 in Germany every day”; new celebrity Funny or Die “the alternative Constitution” video, “fear outsiders”; bogus Statue of Liberty as Muslim woman story; “oh wow” iso
0:33:42Maxine Waters: “I have not called for the impeachment yet, he’s doing it himself”, “Putin is continuin’ to advance into Korea”; Pelosi on working with administration: “we take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution and the American people”, “unconstitutional, immoral ban on Muslims coming into the country”, “we’ve seen nothing … that I can work with President Bush on” (BCotD); Washington Post’s Ed O’Keefe on use of the “about as offensive as it gets” terms “illegals” and “illegal aliens” vs Clinton State of the Union; Trump The X-Files; JCD “when I was a kid” on Bracero Program
0:50:35UNHCR refugee program cash cow for VOLAG Volunteer Agencies including Clinton Foundation, $4k per refugee placement; Bill Clinton in Amsterdam for Postcode Lottery money
1:01:28Producer Segment: JCD’s PayPal button woes; feed-puking Twitter blocking policy
1:37:30Gwen Ifill replacement “guest host” Audie Cornish bug-eyed prompter read; Kellyanne Conway “Poo-in” /puʔɨn/, producer feedback on T-glottalization; Bill Burr on Hillary: “she blew it”
1:49:24NOAA whistleblower John Bates reveals cover-up of climate change hiatus; Daily Mail banned as Wikipedia source; Australian emeritus geology professor Ian Plimer: “we’ve had in the past sea level changes of only 1500 meters”, “dangerously low level” of CO2, “for less than 20% of time, we have had ice on planet Earth”; new show Bill Nye Saves the World
2:02:19Dana Rohrabacher awkwardly quotes Trump on marijuana laws, Respect State Marijuana Laws Act; California’s lack of regulation on marijuana pesticides like myclobutanil; JCD on hydrogen cyanide in common foo items; pot for stressed-out pets, JCD: “watch the cat, it’s stoned, it’s stoned!”; millennial “oh wow, that’s really good” THC “bong appetit” foodie show
2:14:04Fukushima “high radiation levels” debunked by Sir Atomic Rod
2:17:13Donation Segment: ACC’s humidifier
2:30:52Labour Party in British Parliament taken to task for singing EU’s Ode to Joy; Speaker John Bercow disinclined to issue invitation to Trump, “two words: well done”
2:35:56Producer shares University of Arkansas sociology quiz; Syracuse University LGBTQIA terminology glossary, “demisexual”; Paris riots over police brutality incident
2:48:59Nine arrested for child sex trafficking in Haiti; FBI whistleblower asserts three dozen arrests in “elite pedophile ring”
2:51:41Ankara mayor warns about use of “manmade earthquake” technology; Rohrabacher iso; Tim Scott reads abusive tweets over support of Jeff Sessions; Tom Brady’s $500k jersey stolen