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901 Men in Skirts (2017-02-05)

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0:00:00JCD: “Soylent Green is people!” (1:24:11)
0:00:34Super Bowl predictions
0:04:59Erin Burnett: temporary restraining order a “stunning blow” to Trump travel ban, “this now is the law of the land”; Judge James Robart’s bow tie, lawyer asserts religious discrimination based on tweets, “the order applies to infants, it applies to senior citizens”, ACC: “why don’t you tell that to the TSA, okay?”; Rudy Giuliani shoots off his mouth about Muslim ban: “he said … show me the right way to do it legally”; State of Washington parens patriae
0:23:35Janet Napolitano named in lawsuit against Berkeley for replacing 97 IT workers with H-1B workers from India; John Legend on left-leaning Hollywood, “most creative people are liberal”
0:30:12“Full-on retard” CNN on Berkeley riot, Don Lemon calls Yiannopoulos a white supremacist, Robert Reich: rioters were “right wingers”, “I wouldn’t bet against it”; Congresswoman Val Demings calls riot a “beautiful sight”; Marc Lamont Hill fails to cite example of conservative riot; Drew Carey’s fire-starting son; outraged Tom Brokaw: “rage is not a policy”; horse racing origin of “vetting”; Pelosi on “white supremacist” Bannon on National Security Council
0:46:59Self-proclaimed professor berates NYPD for not beating “Neo-Nazis” at Gavin McInnes event
0:50:15JCD on political dirty tricksters Dick Tuck & Donald Segretti; leftist fascism origins; “Theresa the appeaser” London protests, “bombed and occupied by American troops” meme; Sally Kohn on “countries that we have helped to destroy through our creation of ISIS”; Delaware prison riot blamed on Trump; 2014 Executive Order protecting LGBT rights to remain in force; Texas ACLU up in arms over LGBT rights; running over protesters blocking highway; NABJ upset over Tamron Hall & Al Roker being replaced with Megyn Kelly
1:13:03Producer Segment
1:32:19Failed raid in Yemen planned by Obama White House; bomb-making video online for years; Kellyanne Conway dithers about Trump thumbs-up at dinner; Amy Goodman on Sean Spicer’s “false claim” that Houthi attack was by Iran; pundit: Trump staff is leaking information to get it on TV, “it is making Donald Trump mental”; JCD White House bugging theory
1:46:58MSNBC suggests FTC oversight over “fraud news”; Berkeley fake news expert panel; Clock Boy’s defamation lawsuit against Ben Shapiro thrown out; “have more kale” for Ruth Bader Ginsburg; CPAP expert: Scalia probably not killed by button-push; Trump calls “fake news” on reports of him hanging up on Australian Prime Minnister
1:55:28Donald Tusk proposes “Rome declaration” at Malta meeting; EU calls for 60M migrants by 2050, chilly Federica Mogherini; Ted Malloch on improving Russia relations; The Independent: Merkel replaces Trump as leader of free world; Puerto Rico to make another statehood bid
2:05:15Jesse Watters interviewee’s “peccadillo” /puʔɨn/; journalism licensing bill in Thailand
2:12:28Donation Segment
2:25:39Netflix vs Amazon 4K, TtK “don’t taint my algo” over Netflix login
2:28:54Project Veritas finds Planned Parenthood only offers ultrasound for abortions; “faaactually challenged” iso; Mike Pence: “Leonard Leo, everybody, is in the house”; ACC tries Hater app
2:41:34War on Men: Dutch men wearing skirts in solidarity with marchers, Danish journalist Iben Thranholm to RT: “we have no masculine power in our society to fight back”
2:46:58CFR’s Richard Haass head to Bill Maher on Middle East: “they’re also not doing so well when they have very little of us”, JCD: “we rubblized the place!”; TtK reading William Engdahl
2:50:59No Agenda Tip: shop for 4K TV at a pawn shop