Call Clooney!

900 900 (2017-02-02)

Show 900 album art
0:00:00JCD: “And ah-ah-ag, you’ll see.”
0:00:34ACC’s boiler room ACLU phone scammer on the live stream; Show 900 party horn; CNN on Berkeley Milo Yiannopoulos riot, “he’s an internet troll”, “they wanted to stop him from speaking by any means”; JCD live on the scene: “Milo’s dead”; JCD live on the scene: “protest against the gay community has been begun”; Antwerp cafes refusing to sell Coca-Cola
0:10:23Chris Matthews on Trump’s “campaign of shock and awe” to “grab control” of Supreme Court; EMILY’s List President Stephanie Schriock: “Trump made it clear that he was going to appoint a judge … that was going to dismantle Roe v Wade”, Matthews revisits “punished” trap from Show 813, “everybody in America probably saw that comment by him!”, Schriock: “look at what we’re dealing with: a Muslim ban!”; Trump: “I would have preferred states’ rights”, “at this moment the laws are set”
0:18:57“Nuclear option” meme in Neil Gorsuch confirmation; ACC tip for “sweaty Sean Spicer”: ditch the shutter noises; 2013 origin with Obama administration; red state Democrats vs Schumer; NPR’s On Point on Gorsuch not kowtowing to Executive on immigration rule change and due process; Sen. Ben Sasse to On the Media on Schumer preemptively “preparing talking points to say the guy kicks puppies and … heckles piano recitals”, protesters’ fill-in-the-blank sign stories cut off; C-SPAN caller on Scalia’s sleep apnea, Podesta vineyard “wet works” e-mail
0:36:21Thomas Friedman: “Islam has issues with pluralism; trade has cost some jobs”; World Hijab Day in Bosnia; Chloe Smith’s baby “extra vote” in British Parliament; Boris Johnson clarifies that British passport holders “remain welcome to travel to the US”, Jared Kushner question from joker, British aid workers similarly exempt; Theresa May’s new “save joke until end” strategy vs Jeremy Corbyn: “he can lead a protest, I’m leading a country!”; Donald Tusk on Trump’s threat to “transatlantic bond”; Federica Mogherini on EU exemption to “travel ban”; Nigel Farage on “the true nature of the European project, which is genuine anti-Americanism”
0:52:09No Agenda Time Machine: 1996 Clinton State of the Union “crackdown”, “deporting twice the number of criminal aliens as ever before”, Barbara Jordan’s role
0:55:10EU ambassador Ted Malloch on USSR work: “maybe there’s another union that needs a little taming”; Washington Post’s Howard Fineman: “we are the crusaders officially in the eyes of Islam … this is the reaction that Osama bin Laden himself would have prayed for”; ACC’s Schengen debacle revisited
1:01:13UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres predicts travel ban ineffectiveness; Morell & Schumer “less safe” meme; Alan Dershowitz: “we have a hobby … if you don’t like something you assume it’s unconstitutional”, “Congress shall make no law”; Executive Order excerpts, USRAP admissions, 8 U.S.C. §1182(f) authority, 50k refugee cap, biometric entry & exit system, visa interview waiver program; Sebastian Gorka buttslams Jake Tapper: “my parents were vetted for weeks in a refugee camp”; Dennis Kucinich on cost of interventionism; Chuck Schumer quotes scripture and tears up over Pope Francis and Mean Girls Don’t Cry Executive Order
1:16:53Producer Segment: Dan Benjamin plug; man overboard Scott M. Memorial Fund
1:40:55ACC’s Google Ads scam calls turn out to be Google extortion scam, JCD: “where’s Elizabeth Warren when you need her?”; Amazon Prime routinely overpromising two-day deliveries
1:45:27New meme: February 17 “worldwide general strike against Trumpism” three-day weekend; #googlersunite; Washington Post on hacked police cameras and inauguration attendance numbers, JCD on Warren “thin-skinned” meme
1:50:09Doomsday Clock only used for grave nuclear threats until being appropriated by warmists
1:51:47JCD’s Miss Universe Report: fewer white girls, “plus-sized” Miss Canada debate; winner Miss France Globalism: “the countries should have the right to open or close their borders”, “in France we want to have to the most globalization that we can”, “having open borders allows us to travel more through the world and to find out more about what’s out there in the world”
2:06:06Canadian producer buttslams man overboard Scott M.
2:08:41Boy Scouts of America: gender identity trumps birth certificate; professor Michael Eric Dyson on The View: “your white body is a safe space”; Seattle SJW: “white people: give your fuckin’ money, your fuckin’ house, your fuckin’ property, we need it fuckin’ all”, “I am a preschool teacher”, JCD on Russia vs old-school Communism
2:22:07Amy Goodman edits Steve Bannon’s call for media to “keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while”; Nancy Pelosi’s malfunctioning microphone, “is someone going to deal with this?”
2:26:12Donation Segment: Dude Named Muhammad: Obama’s a Muslim
2:43:43Australian TV’s “abrasive” list of Trump’s first-week accomplishments, “removed the Spanish version of the White House website”; CNN on Trumps “blowup” with Australian Prime Minister; Obama “strongest allies”, “punches above its weight” medley; PM refuses to elaborate
2:56:18Trump to reporter: “this was your choice of a question?”; germophobia & climacophobia
2:59:33Gayane Chichakyan on Senate bickering, “Putin rules”, White House vs “anti-Trump” media; Al Franken voted in by convicted felons