Call Clooney!

8 No Agenda 008 (2007-12-15)

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0:00:19Cold in UK, foggy in California; ACC on both making tea, “perfect married gay couple”; JCD irked by “up and about” and Carly Fiorina’s “by and large”
0:03:09BBC’s Global Business with “Nagra-carrying” Peter Day interview with Tony Perkins
0:04:30Jonathan Coulton Podsafe Christmas “Adam Curry, Skyping in from a helicopter flying somewhere above your golden palace”, If Every Day Were Christmas; music lawyer Alan Grubman
0:09:54National Geographic “Super Ship Saturday”, Cunard refuses to allow JCD on board Queen Mary 2, too wide for Panama Canal
0:15:11ACC’s DHS hassles continue, “lookout list” generated ATS Automatic Targeting System from Department of Treasury, 40-year data retention, the death of “welcome home”, “why would today be any different?”, Soviet-style secondary room, stuttering interrogator, met by CBP at the jetway in Chicago, 2003 trip to Iraq, ACC: “or maybe just because I keep saying on my show skullfuck the rotting corpse of the TSA?”
0:28:14Idiotic TSA CLEAR biometric program, confiscating expensive perfume, no journalists infiltrating, electronics get bag never gets opened
0:33:13Central banks put up month-long $10bn loan blind auction, JCD: “I’m guessing that during that story that you just told, five to six listeners committed suicide”
0:39:06Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital to buy Clear Channel, rumors of Bloomberg presidential run, Ross Perot threatened out of race; political ads on JCD’s blog, Romney and Treat Williams
0:50:16ACC’s enjoyable flight to the South Coast; JCD on white wine vinegar with tarragon
0:51:50Barefoot Doctor one-minute holiday tips, JCD one minute computer tips idea; pen-based Apple tablet insider tip; JCD’s geezer blogger network, humiliatingly low Google Ads revenue
1:06:13ACC recommends Michael Crichton’s Next; inane autobiographies at airport bookstores