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899 Loyalty Test (2017-01-29)

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0:00:00JCD: “No, it’s not an O-O, it’s an O.”
0:00:34ACC guitar-buying with nephew Matteo, “pinched off a few rounds” at the range, adult soccer infatuation, migrant housing business model, Chinese buying everything
0:05:58Amanpour: “I operate in the truth and the fact-based universe”; Fr. Robert Ballecer “best podcast in the universe”; JCD Twitter run-in with Jay Rosen; man overboard Scott M. note
0:16:43Orwell’s 1984 “sold out on Amazon”, JCD: “bullshit!”, Poppy Harlow: “Ayn Rand doing better?”; Doomsday Clock moved to 2.5 minutes to midnight due to “pressing global challenges”
0:24:30Refugee ban and International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Anne Frank meme; airport protests; order dated January 30, coordinated ACLU campaign, ACC on green card probation; “you build a wall, we tear it down” and ACLU chants, Occupy Wall Street “mic check!”; CAIR “Muslim ban” vs Indonesia, Obama temporary Iraqi ban on, 8 U.S.C. §1187; Silicon Valley worried about H-1Bs, Iranian director Asghar Farhadi possibly barred from Oscars
0:47:48Mexican wall Executive Order based on 2006 Secure Fence Act
0:50:45ACLU lawyer: “everyone … is safe”, “they don’t have to be released from detention”; ACC on no rights when not on US soil; ACLU lawyer: “enormous setback” for Trump; Adam Smith: no terrorist attacks from refugees; Bill de Blasio on New York’s sanctuary city protection for drunk drivers; dairy industry scare tactics, JCD story: Dutch chicken automation
1:05:46Obamacare “no replacement” meme; Rand Paul’s S.222 Obamacare Replacement Act HSA expansions, pre-Obamacare HIPAA pre-existing conditions protections
1:21:17David Brooks on TPP’s “billions of dollars of earnings”, JCD: “play the bullshit clip!”; Vincente Fox: “white US CEO sitting on the presidential chair”; Joy Reid on courting white women
1:30:25Producer Segment: Thomas Sowell’s Intellectuals and Society; ACC’s Michael Jackson clip
1:41:55Former CIA George Beebe on NSA’s “moderate confidence” as a “red flag”, on difficulty of vetting dossier, Moscow rumor mill; Theresa May: Steele “has not worked for the UK government for years”; former CIA case officer Robert David Steele to RT: Hillary’s talking about Russia “led to the closure of the electronic vote-tampering that she used against Bernie Sanders” (CotD), electoral reform act needed, McCain & Graham “blackmailed by CIA”
1:54:54Gayane Chichakyan on Trump death wishes; Robert David Steele on “Romanian taxi driver” Guccifer, Anthony Weiner’s laptop and Brennan as Hillary’s “executive agent”
2:00:16Matt Taibbi on Sirius XM: skeptical of Manchurian candidate theories and dossier, asked about “where their internet protocols are”; “loyalty test” meme on BBC
2:05:40Nikki Haley: “for those who don’t have our backs we’re taking names”; 40% cut in UN funding, repeated “tremendous potential”, ACC on “Optima Tax Relief”
2:09:37Civil Rights Act and interstate commerce, First Amendment Defense Act check on IRS
2:16:46March for Life addressed by Pence; ABC David Muir interview sent out to all networks; Marjorie Dannenfelser disarms Trump trap question: “we were voting on policy in the end”
2:23:02Insider producer offers insight into inauguration numbers anomaly; bad NRDC comedy isos
2:29:26Donation Segment
2:37:59CBS News fact check segment on Trump job losses and trade deficits; Ira Glass on origin of Obama birth certificate stories, “the excellent and exemplary Jack Tapper”, “I am a fact-based person”, JCD on Ross Perot’s charts and employment numbers, Glass all-in on podcasting
2:55:19Cancer warning for glyphosate, odd “Monsanto” pronunciation; Trump: “Alibaba, who’s a great guy by the way”; Zuckerberg douchebaggery in Hawaii