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898 Chain of Lies (2017-01-26)

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0:00:00ACC: (fake crying)Today the Senate voted...” (1:31:19)
0:00:38ACC goes to doctor for cough and infected eye, “I’m self-pay” empowerment
0:03:53Glenn Greenwald’s Bell’s palsy, election “proxy war”; hot mic with Ray McGovern challenging Adam Schiff on hacking determination (BCotD); Flynn seemingly off Logan Act hook; JCD’s clipping routine; ACC’s “I can’t believe you didn’t …” e-mails; Conway’s “alternative facts”
0:19:34Fruitless search for crowd size EXIF data; ACC “shot across the bow” theory; Michael Moore raves about hearing Gloria Steinem; Orwell’s 1984 #1 on Amazon, “continues to lie” headlines
0:28:31Robert Gates invokes “parallel universes” in Trump administration; physicist Brian Greene talks multiverse on Fresh Air, JCD resurrects fractals theory, 20% approval rating meme, Greene on repeating realities, Sliders, Bruce Springsteen salutes the protesters
0:41:01DNC candidate Sally Boynton Brown: “my job is to shut other white people down when they want to interrupt”; woman’s coffee shop “crazy tangerine” tantrum, JCD: “she’s obviously a local improv person”; “Big Joe” vs protesters, “you’re on a bicycle, and you’re oblivious”
0:56:21California Congresswoman Jackie Speer: situation with Electoral College “fundamentally wrong”; Trump “primary job” tweet; Washington Post 2014 illegal voting article; Steve King extrapolates voter fraud data to 2.4M; North Carolina dead voter investigation; Obama encouraging illegal to vote revisited; Fox News all-in against Trump; Pink Floyd Yoko Ono
1:08:05Producer Segment: Douchebag Disneyland jingle
1:15:50Academics frantically backing up EPA data held by “administration who finds them inconvenient”; Jerry Brown on rising oceans; California unexpectedly green; Shane Smith: “97%, which never happens in any science”, Exxon using “exact same scientists” as big tobacco
1:26:32Ask Adam: Spokane mumps outbreak “many involving people who were vaccinated”
1:28:20Outrage over journalists kettled during protests and the push for licensing
1:31:07Obamacare Executive Orders & Memoranda; sanctuary city “crackdown”, Travis County
Sheriff raises the bar for ICE cooperation; Obama Gitmo closing order meme
1:38:20Gay Crusader analyzes Mike Pence and FADA; Betsy DeVos married to Eric Prince’s brother
1:45:07“Mexico City gag order” and “early death”, Pelosi claims standing on “reproductive rights” issue, ACC: “you just don’t want to pay for it!”; Frederica Wilson opposing H.R.7: “leave my body alone!”; Obama on tampon tax: “men were making the laws”
1:55:35Black socialist to Chris Hedges on Obama “international imperial war”, reversal of black skepticism in polls about military action against Syria (BCotD)
2:01:27Jake Tapper shocked by Tulsi Gabbard’s meeting with Assad, “without hesitation they said there are no moderate rebels”; “Audrey” Judd “Hillary!” iso
2:07:18Dutch Trump welcome: “we speak Dutch, it’s the best language in Europe”; “wow!” iso; Germany releases terrorist chemical attack warning, Brussels bomb factory; Der Spiegel on Trump “New World Order”; Angus Robertson buttslams US food safety; Naomi Klein decries labor movement’s “America firstism”, “right?”; another Schengen suspension, no borders leading to World War I, JCD on borders and cultural differences
2:26:37Bloomberg “loyalty test” meme explaining Trump underling “chain of lies”
2:30:50Donation Segment: ACC story: HSN test “I just love beaver on my face in the morning”
2:40:41“Thanks Obama” for parolee killed by mob; PBS WaPo outsourcing; JCD not all-in on La La Land; Paris Jackson all-in on murder theory; EMILY’s List Early Money Is Like Yeast
2:48:13Trump’s $50k in Dakota Access Pipeline; Kellyanne Conway’s lame stand-up routine