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897 Douchebag Disneyland (2017-01-22)

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0:00:00JCD: “They’re gonna have a sex robot, is that we’re talking about?” (2:34:46)
0:00:33Austin 110-knot winds; ACC “resistance” on Infowars, Alex Jones bellowing at protesters, ACC avoiding Infowars “flirt-fest”; Steve Mnuchin’s Tourette’s; slow TV channel switching
0:13:40Jane Fonda to Bill Maher: “because of climate change, we don’t have time to make mistakes”, “more respect for pussies”; Keith Olbermann screws up popular vs Electoral, “we were invaded”, “subtweeting” Trump; Michael Moore “contact Congress” morning routine, “everybody knows their zip code!”; Maher racist “kids by three different women” joke
0:26:54Rachel Maddow on “workmanlike” inaugural speech, “dark echoes” of America First Committee, Chris Matthews invokes Mussolini, “Hitlerian background”, globalist “what does Theresa May think of this?”; “no borders, no nations” in Koblenz; NBC on Russian parties and “global alarm”, North Korean missile test; millennial: “Nazis” in National Press Club ballroom
0:39:04Gloria Borger on NewsHour: “fist bump of a speech”; Ana Marie Cox mocks Tony Orlando
0:46:24New York Times’ Asra Nomani reveals George Soros’ connections to Women’s March; new “we need a leader, not a creepy tweeter” chant; clueless man on the street to Gayane Chichakyan: “there was leaked information from the same spy that leaked Watergate” (CotD)
0:51:18Gonna Read Facebag: “the world … feels ominous and eerie and dangerous”, “afraid for” litany
0:55:40Pro-life feminists told to take a hike; URGE executive director Kierra Johnson “unapologetically abortion-positive”; Gloria Steinem: “we will all register as Muslims”; Madonna: “yes, I have thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House”; Ashley Judd “Cheeto dust” rant, “I’m a nasty woman!”; Sean Spicer throws down gauntlet on New York Times
1:13:58C-SPAN at inaugural lunch, McCain shows up early to inspect seating arrangements, squabble over signing pen; Chris Matthews on slipped schedule: “why do I think of the Romanovs?”
1:22:18CNN takes the bait on inauguration numbers distraction; JCD on discarded signs as folk art; ACC on “we want our rights back” meme, JCD on attending teach-ins, solid object shelter tip for protests; ACC with New York banker at Griselda’s, no mention of inauguration
1:36:58CNN: Trump on “hallowed ground” at CIA headquarters, “we may have to get you a larger room”; Sean Spicer reads media the riot act over Martin Luther King bust and crowd numbers
1:50:27Producer Segment
2:11:32Amy Goodman outraged by Trump calling Kellyanne Conway “baby” and “my Kellyanne”
2:14:39Elizabeth Warren to Betsy DeVos: “have you any direct experience in running a bank?”, Bernie Sanders insinuates she’s an oligarch, Al Franken on growth vs proficiency, “it surprises me that you don’t know this issue”; Franken “did you enjoy meeting me”, Rick Perry: “I hope you were as much fun on that dais as you were on your couch” (BCotD)
2:24:53ACC’s credit rating impacted by Comenity Pier One card transfer from Chase
2:28:53Draft European Parliament report on robots as “electronic persons”, researcher code of conduct, licensing, “deactivation of video monitors during intimate procedures”
2:35:45YouTuber “in shock” over being called “sir”
2:37:37Donation Segment
2:43:35Kerry’s “a year, two years”; “day in the life of a refugee” activity, “douchebag Disneyland”
2:47:09Food & Wine “put an egg on it”
2:48:39JCD’s “flying saucers” search in CIA documents; 1983 Syria requiring “exertion of real muscle”
2:50:59Samantha Power’s “bullcrap memes” to Judy Woodruff, “standing by” a sign if Russian “aggression”, chemical weapons timeline and bombing lies; JCD predicts mall coffee kiosk