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896 Wall of Meat (2017-01-19)

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0:00:00JCD: (echoing, with Adele) “Helloo, it’s mee!” (0:26:18)
0:00:41California buttslammed by weather, “half the shingles on my roof are blown off last night”
0:01:46Maxine Waters talks impeachment “if they’re the ones that came up with crooked Hillary”; John “Shoeless Joe Jackson” Lewis on “tools” like McCain; Mason Weaver: Lewis “joined the oppressors” the Democrats, JCD on Southern strategy memes, Weaver on “party of the Klan”
0:14:43Ben Carson’s confirmation struggle; CNN’s Marc Lamont Hill on Trump’s meeting with Steve Harvey: “a bunch of mediocre negroes being dragged in front of TV”
0:21:36Sharpton “we won’t be Trumped!”; Women’s March rifts, fast-talker Linda Sarsour: “all the progressive and social justice issues”, “intersectional”; JCD sings Adele; The View pussy hats; #J20 Workers World Party funding; Bikers for Trump promise “wall of meat”
0:34:27Obama and Earnest praise media and needle Trump’s relocation plan, “necessary, for the success of our democracy!”, JCD: “the place is bugged!”; “the resistance” meme; Keith Olbermann compares journalist increase to Russia; Jake Tapper on Obama’s war on Fox News
0:46:30CNN on line of succession with Designated Survivor native ad, Obama “faithfully execute”
0:51:08Chelsea Manning’s commutation apparently leaked, Obama on “tough prison sentence”, lawyer David Coombs: “certain diplomats had their feelings hurt”; Paul Ryan calls it “outrageous”; Jake Tapper on White House WikiLeaks outrage; NBC on Snowden connection with Putin & Trump, Brennan up in arms; PBS on “merely classified”; Rosie O’Donnell nominates McCain
1:08:47Bob Woodward on Trump dossier: “that is a garbage document” (BCotD)
1:11:51Producer Segment: ACC doing Infowars inauguration
1:23:00NPR’s On the Media host Bob Garfield’s “suicidal despondency”, Hope in the Dark reading by Rebecca Solnit, “dank little foxhole of curled-up despair”
1:28:37Politico: Trump doubts his own legitimacy; Matt Taibbi on “Putin destroying government officials with sex tapes”, “moronic beneficiary of Putin’s geopolitical whimsy”, two-tier system, Dean scream, JCD on Dean’s tie “down to his knees”, Taibbi on being banished “to sit with the techies” on plane, sanctimonious smugness; ThinkProgress editor: “the future is yet unwri’in”
1:42:38Davos insider: Amal Clooney 98 pounds and pregnant; Kerry predicts Trump will last “a year, two years”; drunk or not drunk Joe Biden: “they seldom use the phrase high confidence
1:49:23Trump’s position on NATO & EU; former NATO ambassador Burns: Trump “exactly wrong”; ACC: watch Kaliningrad; JCD on alternative to EU army; “defeating the Taliban”; John Abbotsford’s book on CIA drug smuggling; Russia sanctions negotiated by Merkel & Putin
2:02:51RT Facebag ban over BBG’s Obama press conference live stream rights
2:06:25Alibaba’s Jack Ma describes meeting with Trump, “Sesame Card” credit rating system
2:20:11Theresa May’s “veiled threat” for Europe on post-Brexit trade deal, promises Parliamentary vote in 2019, Brussels not impressed; Angus Robertson challenges May’s “little Britain Brexit”
2:29:54Fox botches Clinton Foundation shutdown report, Eric Braverman headed to Google
2:32:02Donation Segment: magic mushrooms for ACC
2:41:41Credit card required to make appointments; ACC predicts Packers over Steelers in Super Bowl
2:45:47Journalist Udo Ulfkotte who revealed BND creating fake news dead of “heart failure” at 56; journalist to Janet Yellen: “it is my proud duty to convey the questions that I’ve been handed”
2:49:22Tech News: DH Unplugged live stream troubleshooting, Apple sandboxing SHOUTcast HTTP 0.9, Loopback auto-update, JCD on George Morrow board hacking
2:58:17Fort Lauderdale airport shooter’s conflicting narratives; CIA declassified document dump