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895 Yes Wee Can (2017-01-15)

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0:00:00JCD: “Why do you even torment yourself with this stuff?” (2:36:13)
0:00:35JCD’s ten pounds of pulled pork; ACC’s Netherlands flight cancellation nightmare due to Schengen passport expiration rule, fruitless search for Dutch elites, ACC: “they’re all afraid of Brussels!”, JCD: “hello Nazi Germany!”; ACC’s Djibouti cab driver: Seychelles stealing all the fish; Delta happy to issue ticket but not boarding pass, no refunds; Delta’s Shaq lookalike
0:22:57David Brooks and Charlie Rose “New World Order” fest
0:26:56“Two old hags yelling at each other” Jeanine Pirro & Coco Soodek, Pirro: “I don’t care if it’s Russia, Julian Assange, Hillary’s hairdresser, or Osama bin Laden rose from the ocean and hacked them”, Soodek Matrix-split with “I wanna talk for a second abut, abut, abut, abut …”, intelligence authority Samantha Bee, “this is an alternative universe” (CotD)
0:39:38Hagiographer Margaret Warner spews disproven Syria memes; Reuters: Assad and his brother decided to use chemical weapons, Porton Down chemical signature mismatch; Al Franken liberal meme-fest; Logan Act, “stretch talking” Brooke Baldwin, dossier briefing “exactly what CNN has reported, all along” defensiveness, Michael Flynn’s call with ambassador Kislyak, Sean Spicer text message “tick-tock”; John Negroponte: illegality claims “patent nonsense”
0:59:15James Mattis on “most lethal stance” vs women/LGBT; Mike Pompeo to Kamala Harris: “I can’t imagine putting in place any policy that was discriminatory”, CIA climate change threat
1:10:31Producer Segment: PopMoney PayPal alternative
1:28:58ABC on golden showers video by “former KGB”, porno soundtrack for diplomat video; Ted Malloch on Christopher Steele’s “sensationalist dossier” paid by Jeb Bush & Democrats; producer deconstruction: Ruby Wax Show on post-bathroom handshakes, Orbis FIFA and DoJ, Tony Blair FIFA grudge, Sir Andrew Wood & McCain, Brexit-scuppering scheme
1:43:55Lawrence O’Donnell: Trump knows he’s a “complete ignoramus”
1:45:48NBC goading Trump with “I think it was Russia”; Sharpton kicks off D.C. protests, Rev. W. Franklyn Richardson: Trump “first Russian president”; MSNBC “on Russia” infinite loop, George Galloway invokes McCarthyism on C-SPAN airing ten minutes of RT
1:54:19Nicole Kidman “I’m issue-based”, Access Hollywood “sets the record straight” with film plug
1:58:29Surprise Presidential Medal of Honor for Uncle Joe, “I’ve never, never, never, never, never, never once doubted … that your judgment was flawed”, ACC: “poor Joe” (BCotD)
2:00:48NBC on Comey revealing dossier to Trump; Erin Burnett traps Tim Walz with video of Democrat praise for “great man” James Comey; DoJ IG investigation into pre-election letter to Congress; WARN notice on Clinton Foundation shutdown
2:06:24The View defends James Acosta; Danish Parliament debates EU call for journalist blacklist; Victor Orban Muslim immigrants vs Christian politicians theory, Hillary’s Detroit scheme
2:12:28John Lewis on skipping inauguration; Washington Post D.C. National Guard fake news
2:17:06“Welcome to Poland” for 4k US troops, “largest … since the Cold War”, still no ESTA waivers
2:18:12Obama to Lester Holt: “yes we did”, “thank you Satan”, Biden friendship “fever pitch on social media”, Lauer “burst out crying” anecdote; Pelosi “that’s their manhood thing”
2:23:25Australia tour name proposals, “Make Australia Great Again Tour”; Reddit hate for ACC
2:36:37Donation Segment
2:47:49Nuland’s “last coup” gives Turkey a foothold in Cyprus; Erdoğan condemns currency speculation over lira fall; NextGen Climate ad: “Tillerson sided with Putin”
2:53:46Botched Hearing Protection Act report makes suppressed gunfire sound louder