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894 Ash for Cash (2017-01-12)

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0:00:00ACC: “Jutht published a dotthier!” (0:54:37)
0:00:32ACC lobbies for reinstatement of “Plato say” to spite London University
0:01:39Obama farewell speech: mysterious “pardon us now” sign, bogus Chelsea Manning rumor, “worked to close Gitmo”, Facebaggers “still crying”, “big global fights!” against chauvinism and “nationalist aggression”, ACC applies Lucifer filter; NBC on $3.4bn spent on NATO Russian border activities; JCD on echoless “voice of God” sound engineering for speeches
0:14:55ACC now wearing glasses around neck; JCD use of “schlock” in Newsletter
0:17:33The Trump Pee-Pee Dossier: McCain dirt-digging; Trump warnings to staff: “watching yourself on nightly television”, “germophobe” aside; ACC story: “every single woman who talks to you is a KGB hooker”, JCD story: Hotel Mir painted-over microphones; Orbis Business Intelligence & Christopher Steele; former CIA George David Banks: memos fake as “play money”; Steele MIA in fear of Russians; David Corn’s months-long disinformation saga
0:35:33Intel officials: no briefing for Trump; Trump’s repeated “maybe the intelligence agencies”, “disgraceful” ding-fest, “I’m not gonna give you a question, you are fake news” to CNN’s James Acosta, on Lindsey Graham’s sanction bill: “I’ve heard that he’s a nice guy”; Mark Warner on Russian intelligence planting child pornography, “new normal”, Feinstein-style “down the line” prospective, JCD story: Russian fronts school project, Clapper statement on “private security company document”, “I think there’s an RT channel here”
0:50:30“Clickbait farm” BuzzFeed’s Ben Smith contrasts Obama birth certificate and Trump dossier, Chuck Todd: “you just published fake news!”, “sunlight is a disinfectant” meme
0:58:43Women’s March “pussy hat project”, call for “total Hollywood strike”, Meryl Streep grabs Golden Globes notoriety; Fox News’ Shepard Smith defends Acosta; CNN panel fearing for “fourth estate”; Ed Schultz: CNN credibility “in the toilet”; Kimmel “leak of a leak”
1:09:40The View takes double entendre to a new low, Joy Behar: blackmail Trump to lift “boycotts”
1:17:36Producer Segment: producer note on Holiday Inn’s blackface Abraham censorship on AMC
1:29:57Backpage miffed about adult ad section “censorship”, Communications Decency Act §230, “strip term from ad” list, CEO Carl Ferrer takes the First & Fifth over “Lolita”, statutory immunity for editorializing ignored (TCS); JCD Darth Vader “reptile wins!” iso
1:41:40Rubio “is Vladimir Putin a war criminal?” at Tillerson hearing; Sessions’ “wait a minute, I’m under oath” on disagreeing with his wife; DHS nominee John Kelly on Central American opioids: “very overly medicated society”, JCD on heroin overdoses due to loss of tolerance
1:50:55Rand Paul on Obamacare replacement bill, JCD: “Medicare for everyone”, NHS “hatred for the poor”; Robert Kennedy Jr. meeting with Trump on vaccine safety; JCD: “Tillerson reminds me of Jonathan Winters”, protester: “don’t put Exxon in charge of the State Department!”
2:01:14Schengen issues in Denmark & Sweden, Denmark to seize refugee property up to €1500; Scottish Nationalist Party challenges May’s Brexit plan, Northern Ireland government collapse over “ash for cash” energy deal, recycled coffee grounds & Pres-to-Logs oil refinery “goo”
2:13:071999 David Bowie on internet and breakdown of absolutism, JCD: Bowie all-in on Tech TV
2:19:43Donation Segment: stock tip: SMG Scotts Miracle-Gro marijuana developments
2:29:59Leviathan field and Cyprus reunification; Sen. Chris Coons: cooperation with Putin possible
2:37:25Andrew Napolitano on 301-page FBI Clinton e-mail “smoking gun”, Comey’s complex timetable
2:41:25Tech News: Norway ditching analog FM radio; disappointing home robot Kuri at CES
2:48:12Fort Lauderdale airport shooter’s pistol returned due to not being adjudicated mentally ill