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893 Throw a Rock (2017-01-08)

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0:00:00JCD: “The code was ants.” (2:30:42)
0:00:34JCD “pounded by the Pineapple Express”; EU refugees threatened by -20°C temperatures; climatologist Judith Curry on Georgia Tech resignation: “knives sticking out of my back”
0:09:11ACC’s marked-up JAR from producer; former CIA Larry Johnson to RT: NSA not all-in, “it’s a joke”; NBC “Vladimir Putin himself ordered the attack” lie, agencies “all-in agreement” lie; Shields & Brooks lie-fest: “I agree with anger, with shock”, “democratic global world”
0:23:48Michael Smerconish on “twitstorm” over “where’s the beef”, Michael Hayden: “welcome to my wurldur/wardrobe”, “a brick short of a load”; Glenn Greenwald on Democrat “smear campaign”, “agent of the Kremlin” meme, Howard Dean accuses The Intercept of being Russian or Iranian stooge; CBS This Morning on no evidence of impact on election outcome
0:35:23Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections: “paid social media users, or trolls”, undermining “liberal democratic order”, “mix of agents of influence, cutouts, front organizations, and false-flag operations”, RT & Assange, “network of quasi-government trolls” and “professional trolls”, ACC: “I think this is a microaggression against trolls”
0:57:58NBC disclaimer in “top-secret report on Russia”; Schumer: agencies “have six ways from Sunday at gettin’ back at ya”, JCD on Kennedy coup and Family of Secrets; Google Capital funding CrowdStrike; Adam Schiff “bipartisan” means McCain & Graham; McCain “wouldn’t you agree” to Clapper, vote tally meme, Lindsey Graham: “I’m ready to throw a rock”
1:10:58Adam Schiff accidentally refers to “the tampering”; Executive Order 13757: election systems as critical infrastructure; Mike Rogers predicts data alteration “game changer”, Cruz on hacking AI “big data”; Pelosi scolds press for not disclaiming WikiLeaks stories, JCD: “she is a dipshit”
1:24:05Chuck “head clown” Schumer: “America cannot afford a Twitter presidency”; Jason Calacanis: Assange “PR arm of Putin’s organization”; ACC: McAfee documentary courtesy of McAfee
1:32:33Affleck’s The Accountant pro-autism message, executive producer Steven “Munch” Mnuchin
1:35:44Producer Segment: “Foot Stomp” a military term
1:49:46Fort Lauderdale airport shooting by Esteban Santiago, ACC: “this airport has no plan”; CNN predicts “loophole … needs to be completely changed”, ACC: “no more happy hellos!”, Wasserman Schultz: “in what way are we going to reunite you with your firearm?”; 2010-2011 Iraq deployment, visit to FBI Anchorage field office; investigation headed by Saddam Hussein interrogator George Piro; JCD theory: Muslim convert recruited by FBI posing as CIA
2:10:19Chicago kidnapping: hate crime “bias” definition, CBS insinuates role reversal and buries clip; Josh Earnest dodges question; Don Lemon “politically motivated” vs “stupid kids”; Symone Sanders blames “inflammatory rhetoric”; ACC recommends Straight White Male, 60
2:21:27CDC flu “epidemic levels” warning, vaccine “good match”, “it’s not too late to get one”
2:23:45Donation Segment
2:34:04PornHub 2016 year in review: new search term “Overwatch” from Blizzard toolkit
2:47:14Golden Globes promo: “be sure to catch all the winners voted on by you, the Russian hackers”
2:48:50NRA’s David Keene on futility of inviting journalists to gun show
2:51:44Women’s march celebrity “grassroots effort”, “this is not just about Donald Trump”, JCD: “no, it’s about the Fall fashion colors”, “intersectional human beings”, issue laundry list
2:58:29Clip Blitz: Biden fends off Democrats interrupting Electoral College tally: “it is over”; Apple sued over 5-year-old’s death by FaceTime distracted driver; recent “air rage” increase
3:02:14Oakland police chief Anne Kirkpatrick: “I am a leader who is cloaked as a woman”