Call Clooney!

892 Foot Stomp (2017-01-05)

Show 892 album art
0:00:00ACC: “Mister Tic, that’s right!” (0:48:51)
0:00:33“Plato Say” giblet on CreateSpace; ACC’s Yamaha alto recorder virtuosity
0:04:27James Clapper on Russia’s “even more aggressive cyber-posture”, “I want to foot-stomp a few points”, RT exploiting “every fissure they could find in our tapestry”
0:12:05“TLP Amber” JAR with pages of useless tips; Assange on commercially available malware; DNC investigation outsourced to CrowdStrike; Podesta “password” password; Ray McGovern: NSA would have detected Russian activity; Assange’s Seth Rich fund; James Woolsey: “this is not an organized operation”; NBC trots out McCain, ACC on odd body language, Kelly Ayotte replacement Amy “dingbat” Klobuchar
0:29:50CBS: “all US intelligence agencies are in agreement” on Russian activity; 140 of 900 IP addresses in Netherlands; BBC struggles to dissect Trump “it won’t happen” reaction to North Korean ICBM boast, ACC: MSM “being cut out”; Schumer promises petty disruption
0:40:59Josh Earnest: JAR tips on avoiding Russian hacks proof of Russian hacks “pretty definitively”
0:48:33Obama’s new tic; George Webb’s YouTube videos, disappearance of Chelsea’s buddy Eric Braverman, KKR arms sales in Libya, Clinton-Giustra partnership, new Nigeria-to-Morocco pipeline, Peter & Mark Kadzik pardons, Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline, Podesta & Blumenthal, ACC Pizzagate arms deal codeword theory; Snopes: “no evidence”, Eric Turi also MIA
1:04:21New Rachel Maddow codeword “teased out” for Jeff “racis’” Sessions
1:07:27CNN on Trump and Hollywood, “very unpopular president right now”, ; Progressive 127 on Rockettes “forced to dance”; yet another celebrity anti-Trump “obstruct” video for Congress
1:15:27Producer Segment: ACC tries ant “the other red meat” chocolate
1:23:43Schumer: Obamacare replacement will “make America sick again”; Pelosi: “you want grandma living in the guest room?”; top countries on antidepressant list, JCD on Korean energy drinks
1:28:41Don Lemon panel on Civil War “racial amnesia” and Trump Mexican & Muslim “racist notions”, JCD on Britain & France gold rush Civil War instigation conspiracy theory; Bitcoin “not useful money” caveat, “betcha wish you had more!!”, JCD on Patreon & No Agenda FAQ; Ev Williams fires 13 of Medium staff; JAR tips fail to mention encryption,
1:44:12Six-Week Cycle: Glendon Scott Crawford convicted for X-ray “death ray” device for Muslims bought from FBI; Pink Floyd Money war on cash jingle
1:47:12New final syllable stretching uptalk dialect, JCD: “it’s a milieu”; new meme “fact-free”; Alan Tonelson to Thom Hartmann on history of NAFTA, Trump vs “trade status quo”
1:57:26Mein Kampf flying off shelves in Germany; controversy over police “Nafris” for North Africans
1:59:16Soap opera “I got hammered” over 2016 “crap year”; California S.B.1322 “don’t arrest underage hookers” law, “limousine liberals”; California’s 806k licenses for uninsured illegals
2:03:40Chicago kidnapping and torture of mentally challenged white kid, no outrage from media
2:06:17Tucker Carlson challenges Sacramento professor Joseph Palermo on 98%: “you’re a member of a religious sect that can’t deal with honest questions”; Carlson to replace Megyn Kelly
2:16:49Donation Segment: JCD Mutton & Mead jingle request
2:24:34Camille Paglia feedback: gender reassignment and amputation; mother of tomboy transgender girl on meeting LaVerne Cox, ACC: “let the kid grow up a little bit”, apotemnophilia & body identity integrity disorder; John McAffee scatology left to show notes; show notes search tips
2:35:23Richard Engel on Istanbul shooter’s escape despite nearby police station; airport baggage handler trapped in United cargo hold, JCD: “that sonovabitch Louie locked me in again!