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891 Bug Juice (2017-01-01)

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0:00:00JCD: “Rah-rah-brah, this is terrible.”
0:00:33“Plato say” to retire, giblet resolutions; JCD: “I think 10:00 fireworks are a microaggression”
0:03:42Drunk or Not Drunk Don Lemon: “I’m not going to be as self-centered”; Ban Ki-moon stand-up routine: “millions of people will be watching as I lose my job”; Trump: “I know a lot about hacking”; Mariah Carey lip-syncing debacle; JCD on marching bands playing national anthem
0:18:27NBC dead celebrity rundown, JCD list of forgotten stories; Telegraph reporter compares 2016 to {1848, 1917, 1979, 1990}, JCD: “it reminds me of people who review wines”; JCD growers’ Champagne tip; Theresa May keeping UK as close to Europe as possible, “second referendum”, “lunatic in a posh coat” Nigel Farage statue, British ambassador “poor old Derek”
0:33:07David Brooks on Trump “Putin bromance”, “expansionary braggadocio”; David Corn[holio] restates “counterintelligence officer from another service” Kremlin plot
0:42:46Sir Crash EMT on JAR Joint Analysis Report call, DHS “as-is for informational purposes” disclaimer, Grizzly Steppe spear-phishing, “watch your firewall logs”; Steve Cortes buttslams Chris Hayes over “senile grandfather” Podesta; Washington Post walks back Burlington Electric story, JCD on Cranky Geeks correction debate, img tags “stealing bandwidth”, iframe court case; Chertoff Group’s Paul Rosenzweig on grim infrastructure outlook
0:56:58Matthew Dowd to Good Morning America: Trump “burying the foreign policy of Ronald Reagan”, USSR “evil empire”, “active cyberwar”; NBC’s Hans Nichols: Russia’s nonretaliation “may in fact be an acknowledgment that they crossed the line”; evictions of “suspected spies” an excuse to install state of the art bugs; NBC on “compounds” that “may have been involved in espionage”, Maryland site “just 63 miles from the White House and near NSA headquarters”
1:11:41Matt Taibbi: “we all remember the WMD fiasco”; Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on CNN’s American School of Moscow closure story: “that is a lie”; spies “back on January 21” meme; ACC invited to Lt. Col. James Magellus’ 100th birthday “spook heaven”; RT buttslams Amanpour: “2016 is the year that journalism fell into a death spiral”
1:21:22ACC on New Year’s Eve text message drop-off vs social media, gratuitous iMessage fireworks
1:23:56Producer Segment: ACC’s Studio 10 invitation
1:48:42Local news Rogue One native ad with DUI Darth Vader
1:50:56Istanbul nightclub attack, Santa Claus “spraying bullets from a Kalashnikov”; French workers allowed to ignore after-hours e-mail; UK mosque bacon sandwich convict killed in jail
1:56:05Syngenta smear campaign against Berkeley professor Tyrone Hayes over atrazine research, Amy Goodman calls it a “drug”, JCD on global warming parallel, ACSH shill Elizabeth Whelan: “totally bogus risk”, JCD: “chemical castration, what could be better?”
2:22:51Trusted millennial resource Time Magazine editor Jeffrey Kluger to CBS: “look, global warming is an established fact, it’s immutable”, recap of 97% “deadly threat” lie, civil servants’ “power of slowdown”; thousands without power in Northeast “clobbered” by snow
2:33:32Donation Segment
2:44:33Tech News: Amazon Echo subpoena in Walmart home Bentonville; kid: “play Digger Digger”, Alexa: “you want to hear a station for porn detected”, “pussy anal dildo ring”; Amazon blimp & drone patent; CNBC jobs of the future: “driving an Über car or becoming a dog walker”
2:53:21Obama evicting San Francisco consulate head chef à la Steven Seagal; “snootful” and “bug juice” soy sauce; Buzzfeed Dutch insult list, mierenneuker, pleurislijer; The Guardian fake news linking Julian Assange and Vladimir Putin